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Diversity Commitment

As one of the nation’s leading advertising and public relations programs, the Stan Richards School (SRS) strives to retain the best student, staff and faculty talent — individuals who offer diversity in experience, background, culture, and perspective. We continually seek ways to empower students, staff and faculty of all ethnicities, races, genders and identities to work collaboratively to produce world-changing ads, PR campaigns and research.

We promote diversity and inclusion in the following ways:

1. Creating environments within the SRS where students, staff and faculty feel valued, included, and empowered to share their ideas. For example, on the UTADVPR Diversity and Inclusion Group Facebook page, students, staff  and faculty share stories, links and pop culture examples that speak to challenges and innovations we find worthy of discussion beyond the classroom. The SRS administration also actively seeks guidance from its Diversity and Inclusion Student Council.  

2. Respecting individual differences and encouraging individuality. Some of our students share their talents in the Texas Creative Program in ways that speak to their heritage, culture and experiences; others conduct scholarly research on issues that matter to their respective communities, including urban food desserts, GLBTQ travel blogs, and the intersection of gender and race in consumption.

3. Facilitating access to on-campus support and resources that foster an inclusive community. If our students need a resource, we can find it!

4. Building relationships with communities outside of The University of Texas to foster unique opportunities for students’ and faculty’s personal and professional growth. Minorities in Advertising, a student-led organization, does an excellent job making connections with the professional advertising and PR community.

Last update October 2, 2015