Cultivating Food Justice Through Social Media

Name: Joshua J. Washington

Year: Class of 2017

Major: M.A. in Advertising

Hometown: Daytona Beach, FL

Internship:  Social Media Intern

1. Please briefly introduce the company/organization you are interning at.

Food for Black Thought (FFBT) is an action education initiative that creates educational resources purposed with promoting socially-just, collaborative and community-based food systems. Five core principles guide the endeavors of FFBT; those being collaboration, community knowledge, beyond food deserts, holistic understandings of health, and transformative economics.

2. What is your Internship about? 

I assume the role of social media intern for FFBT. As you might imagine, this involves activities such as producing content as well as monitoring the success and engagement with our current community. However, prior to beginning the position, the founders of FFBT, Dr. Kevin Thomas and Dr. Naya Jones expressed an interest in broadening their social media reach and activity to engage the younger demographic. Creating an infrastructure by which the organization can operate from moving forward is my primary objective.

3. What is the most impressive part of your internship?

I’m impressed by the level of commitment by both the organization and its community. The political climate, though for most not the most ideal has forced minority communities to take on the task of educating themselves as well as other communities on prevailing issues in our communities such as access to healthy foods options. I see this happening with FFBT. We are producing educational material that will support this effort going forward.

4. Are there any key takeaways from this experience?

A key takeaway from this experience is the disparity between those who have access to healthy food options and those who do not based on race and socioeconomic status.

5. How does this experience influence your future career direction?

This experience broadens my perspective. It helps me to realize that a society is not stable and cannot become stable if people don’t have the access to the most basic things important to survival. In relation to my career, I want to be a point of access or help people gain access to things that are typically restricted to certain groups based on wealth, education and race. With FFBT, I am learning what this entails and the effort it takes to get this information out.

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