As one of the nation’s leading advertising and public relations programs, the Stan Richards School strives to retain the best student, staff and faculty talent — individuals who offer diversity in experience, background, culture and perspective.

We continually seek ways to empower students, staff and faculty of all ethnicities, races, genders and identities to work collaboratively to produce world-changing ads, PR campaigns and research.

Find us on Facebook at the Stan Richards School's Diversity Group and the FB page for the student-led professional organization, Diversity in Advertising and PR (DA&PR).

We promote diversity and inclusion in the following ways:


Creating environments within the Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations where students, staff and faculty feel valued, included and empowered to share their ideas. For example, on the Stan Richards School Diversity Facebook Group, students, staff  and faculty share stories, links and pop culture examples that speak to challenges and innovations we find worthy of discussion beyond the classroom. The Stan Richards School administration also actively seeks guidance from its Diversity and Inclusion Student Council (DISC). (Meet our members below!)  


Respecting individual differences and encouraging individuality. Some of our students share their talents in the Texas Creative Sequence in ways that speak to their heritage, culture and experiences; others conduct scholarly research on issues that matter to their respective communities, including urban food deserts, GLBTQ travel blogs and the intersection of gender and race in consumption.


We are working to facilitate access to on-campus support and resources that foster an inclusive community. If our students need a resource, we will find it. Many great ones are listed at right.


Building relationships with communities outside of The University of Texas to foster unique opportunities for students’ and faculty’s personal and professional growth. Diversity in Advertising & PR (DA&PR), a student-led organization, does an excellent job making connections with the professional advertising and PR community.

Diversity and Inclusion Student Council Members

Casey Bozek

Casey Bozek: Photographer/Videographer

I am a third-year Advertising major from San Antonio, planning on graduating with a Spanish minor and International Business Foundations Certificate. I am a second-year Resident Assistant with the intention to serve a greater purpose, such as educating others on diversity, acceptance, and allowing yourself to further appreciate your own identity, as well as others. Being at The University of Texas at Austin, I have been able to grow such an immense love towards celebrating different cultures, classes, minds, bodies, perspectives, religions, genders, sexualities, and abilities. As the Campus at Large Representative, I want nothing more than to expand this fruitful knowledge and passion amongst my peers.

Maria Cuyan

Maria Cuyan: Secretary

I am a fourth-year undergrad from Dallas, TX, majoring in Advertising with a focus in art direction. I will be the Latino/Latinx representative on the council. Although it's my last year here, I'm extremely excited to be a part of this group. In my spare time, you'll find me playing around on Photoshop, cooking up something good or climbing a rock somewhere around Austin.

Diana Deleon

Diana DeLeon: Webpage Editor

I am a third-year Advertising major from Rockport, Texas. I currently serve as the Feminist representative on the council. I joined the council because of my frustrations with the representation of women in the advertising industry. I hope to work with professors and students to change the way women are portrayed in the media. In my free time, I enjoy listening to podcasts and making Spotify playlists. | LinkedIn

Diana Farias

Diana Farias

I am a second-year Advertising graduate student pursuing a career in Art Direction. I am
from Monterrey, Mexico, and I've been living in Texas for over a year. I am currently serving as the Hispanic/Latinx Graduate Representative and as the Industry Relations Chair of the Advertising Graduate Council. Painting is my passion, and I have a strong desire to travel the world.

Angie Fayad

Angie Fayad

I’m a fourth-year Advertising major from Fort worth, Texas. I serve as the Senior Fellows representative for council. I’ve always been outspoken on social justice issues, but I joined council to help implement my idea for a diversity conference within the college. I hope this conference and my time with council have a lasting impact on what us longhorns do to improve diversity and inclusion as we move forward into the industry. My hobbies include: trying free food at Costco, petting doggos at Zilker, and following the life of Mindy Kaling. | LinkedIn

Jochebed Fekadu

Jochebed Fekadu: Copy Editor

I am a third-year PR major from Dallas, Texas, and I am excited to serve as the African-American Undergraduate representative for the council this year. I decided to join this council due to the obvious need for diversity in all aspects of The Stan Richards School, as well as the work force. The work we do over the course of the year will hopefully create discussion and awareness for an important and relevant topic in society. In my free time, you can find me researching natural hair tips or playing with dogs that I do not own. | LinkedIn

Tabitha Ford

Tabitha Ford: Photographer/Videographer

I am a second-year Advertising major from San Antonio, Texas. I’m particularly interested in the intersection between advertising and positive social change, with hopes to propone for diversity in the industry. As a returning student, mom, and working-student, I serve as the Non-Traditional Student Representative for the council. When I should be sleeping, I devote my spare hours to turning trash into treasure, making a mess in my kitchen, and working on design projects. | LinkedIn | Website

Martha Gill

Martha Gill: Webpage Editor

I am starting my first year in the Masters in Advertising Program here at The University of Texas and am in the Creative Sequence. As the Disabilities representative, I'm excited to a give voice to a perspective oftentimes left out of the conversation. Having recently moved to Austin from Richmond, Virginia, I enjoy trying the endless taco options that this city has to offer. | LinkedIn | Website

Zachary Kornbla

Zachary Kornblau

I am a senior Advertising (Texas Media) and Economics student from Katy, Texas. I am highly involved in Longhorn Singers, the official show choir of The University of Texas, and Communication Council. In my spare time, I love to be with my family and friends and explore the beautiful city of Austin. | LinkedIn

Janna Marin

Janna Marin

I am a senior Advertising major, specializing in advertising production, from a small town called Columbus, Texas. I am honored to serve as the Diversity in Advertising and PR representative for the council. I also made history at The University of Texas at Austin by co-founding the first and only Latinx/Hispanic spirit group here, Texas Fuego. I care about my culture and diversity, and wish to see more of it in the world we live in. In my free time, I enjoy exploring the outdoors and movie marathons. | LinkedIn

Chloe Mark

Chloe Mark

I am a senior Public Relations major from Dickinson, Texas. As the African-American Undergraduate representative, I joined this team to tackle matters related to diversity within the Stan Richards School and the advertising and PR industry. In my spare time, I love to try out new fitness classes in Austin and spend hours watching makeup videos on YouTube. | LinkedIn

Viviane Mathieu

Viviane Mathieu: Co-President

I am a third-year Public Relations major, minoring in Government and Business. I am a first-generation Colombian-American born in Houston, TX, but grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and Monterrey, Mexico. I currently serve as the Latino/Hispanic Undergraduate representative for the council. I hope to create an open and welcoming environment for all students of all backgrounds. I joined this council to take on matters associated with diversity in the Stan Richards School. In my free time, I love to travel to different countries, read autobiographies or anything Harry Potter related, watch movies and hang out with my friends and family.

Miguel Masso

Miguel Masso: Co-President

I am a fourth-year Advertising major under the TexasMedia track, minoring in Psychology and Business. I am an international student, born and raised in a Mexican town called Matamoros, Tamaulipas that borders with the United States. I currently serve as the International Undergraduate representative for the council. In this position, I hope to decrease the barriers international students face throughout their college career, as well as increase the overall diversity and inclusion towards everyone in the industry. I love the outdoors, meeting new people and binge watching Netflix. | LinkedIn

Garrett Mireles

Garrett Mireles

I’m a third-year Advertising major from Beaumont, Texas, and I have the honor of serving as the Undergraduate LGBTQ+ representative for my second year. The mission of this council extends into other areas of my life. As a Student Ambassador for The Office of Admissions, I serve prospective students with a special consideration for giving marginalized students the resources to access great educations like those offered at Texas. In my free time, you can likely find me trying Austin’s newest coffee shops, or evangelizing about the joys of being a morning person. | LinkedIn

Armish Narsi

Armish Narsi

I am a senior working on an Advertising degree and minors in Business and Women & Gender Studies. I was born in Pakistan, and grew up mostly in Calgary, Canada, but I've also lived in Houston, Texas and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I joined this council because I hope that one day we can see as much diversity in our school as I've seen around the world. In my free time, I love cooking with my friends and binging Netflix! | LinkedIn

Taylor Nelson

Taylor Nelson: Co-Vice President

I am the 2017-2018 DISC Co-Vice President and the graduate LGBTQ+ representative. I come from Dallas, Texas where I got a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Performance from The University of Texas at Dallas. I just started work on my Master of Arts degree in Advertising here at UT Austin. I hope to take things I learn from DISC and use it to better inform and educate my peers and colleagues on how to strengthen their diverse teams in a way everyone feels empowered. In my spare time, I am working out, bouldering, hanging with friends, or playing the occasional video game. Anything that keeps me busy is good by me. | LinkedIn

Yong Whi Song (Greg)

Yong Whi Song (Greg): Co-Vice President

I am a first-year graduate student earning an M.A. in Advertising. I currently serve as the Asian Representative and Vice President for the council. I am originally from Seoul, South Korea, but moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2012, and earned a B.A. in Communication Studies and Journalism from the University of Minnesota. I also worked as a research assistant during my undergraduate years. In my spare time, I love to try out new restaurants and Instagram foods. | LinkedIn

A’nysha Fortenberry: Conference planning team

I am a third-year Advertising with major industry interests in content creation, media planning, and client side work. I am from the most southern tip of Texas, and I claim Los Fresnos, Texas as my hometown. My goal for this conference is to empower the next generation of advertising and public relations professions to create a seat at the table for their peers. In my free time I like to listen to Lizzo’s Spotify podcast “Good As Hell” and cry about this week’s This Is Us episode.

Lorena Saldana: Conference planning team

I'm currently a fourth-year Advertising major from Edinburg, Texas. During my academic career I have become an active advocate for diversity and inclusion in all spaces. I’ve come to realize that there is always room for personal growth when you encounter someone with an opinion that is different than your own. I hope that this conference will help change preconceived notions of minority groups through honest conversations of those already in professional workplaces. In my spare time I enjoy copywriting, admiring the color yellow, and breaking stereotypes. | LinkedIn | Website