Equity Student Council

The Texas ADV/PR Equity Student Council is an advisory council of students that meets monthly during the school year.

The purpose of the council is three-fold. 

1) We seek to empower students whose identities and circumstances are historically under-represented in academia and in the advertising and PR professions. These individuals may identify as LGBTQI+, Latinx/Hispanic, Black/African/African-American, Asian/Asian-American, international, multi-racial, students with a disability or impairment, and/or first-generation students. They may belong to religious groups that have faced persecution in the U.S. and abroad. They may have families that struggle economically or live in impoverished communities, they may have family members that are incarcerated, they may have grown up in foster care, and/or they may currently be food insecure or homeless.     

2) We seek to guide faculty and administration in further evolving our school’s mission of empowerment and equity. 

3) We seek to develop original programming and deliverables that serve our diverse student body. Efforts have included a 2-day conference, a speaker series hosted by Council members, and a food bank for students.

The council meets periodically throughout the school year. Please email Rohitash Rao for information - new members are always welcome.