A School for Everyone

Fostering a Welcoming Environment

We strive to create spaces where students, staff and faculty feel valued, included and empowered to share their ideas. When we come up short, please tell us and we will work even harder to make our school a more welcoming and inclusive place.

Guan Soon Khoo, School Inclusion and Equity Officer

Deena Kemp, School Minority Liaison

Rohitash Rao, School Minority Liaison

Natalie Tindall, School Director

Respecting Individual Differences

Respecting individual differences and encouraging individual expression through research, creativity and storytelling is vital to our community. It is also vital to the future of advertising and public relations, which suffers from a dearth of diverse voices and stories. Our students are prepared to change that.

The Equity Student Council ensures students from marginalized identities have a voice in our school.

Building Social Capital

Our faculty is a powerful resource for students to build out their social networks and seek support as they navigate university life as someone from a historically marginalized identity.

Drs. Deena Kemp and Sean Upshaw offer space to talk about navigating school as a Black student. dkemp@austin.utexas.edu sean.upshaw@austin.utexas.edu
Dr. E. Ciszek offers space to talk about LGBTQ+ identities. erica.ciszek@austin.utexas.edu
Dr. Guan Soon Khoo and Prof. Rohitash Rao offer space for you to talk about Asian identities. Dr. Khoo is Chinese-American and Prof. Rao is Indian-American. guan.khoo@austin.utexas.edu rohitashrao@gmail.com
Prof. Octavio Kano-Galvan offers space to talk about Hispanic and/or Latino/a/x and international identities. octavio.kanogalvan@austin.utexas.edu
Dr. Brad Love can share his experiences as a first-generation student from a White working-class family. lovebrad@austin.utexas.edu
Dr. Liza Lewis offers space to talk about religious identities. Dr. Lewis is Jewish. lizalewis@mail.utexas.edu

Networking Beyond the University

Building relationships with communities outside of The University of Texas to foster unique opportunities for students’ and faculty’s personal and professional growth. We maintain relationships with the American Association of Advertising Agencies' Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP), The Growth Initiative, The American Advertising Federation's Most Promising Multicultural Students program and the Hispanic Public Relations Association.