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Ryan Romero

Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations



BMC 4.306

Ryan Romero believes good advertising creative begets good business and happy clients – something he learned working for agencies including Tribal DDB and Publis on clients such as Pepsi, Dyson, Microsoft and T-Mobile. In his professional career he has transitioned from the role of a traditional copywriter to that of a digital ACD, and from his native Texas to Washington, and back again. He has earned international awards, launched entirely new mobile phone platforms, created innovative applications, and even sold lunch buffets to seniors, but found freedom in teaching the creative process to students since joining the faculty in 2011. Ryan can be found at the head of such courses as Digital Creative Portfolio, Beginning Portfolio, and Introduction to Advertising Creativity. He has also overseen special projects with The Longhorn Network resulting in nationwide television commercials written by his students. Besides lecturing at the University of Texas, Ryan is a freelance writer and creative director, co-founder of Big Machine in the Sky, Ducati rider, tattoo canvas, and a pretend grown up.