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Longhorn NSAC team earns top national research title

In late May, The University of Texas at Austin team won the national title of “Best Overall Research” at the 2014 NSAC national competition which took place as part of the American Advertising Federation’s national conference in Boca Raton, Florida. The UT team was one of one of eight teams to advance to this national level from 135 top universities, located across the country.

The 2014 UT team, comprised of approximately 40 AdGrads, spent over 9 months compiling research to direct the campaign to promote makeup brand Mary Kay. Research efforts included blind perception tests, focus groups, in-depth secondary research, in-depth consumer interviews, Mary Kay beauty consultant interviews, field research, mind maps, and BAV consulting’s BrandAsset tool.

Solid, extensive research ultimately allowed the team to build a successful campaign.

According to presenter and recent graduate Evan Rowley, “Research was the most integral part of UT’s NSAC campaign. We used research to uncover Mary Kay’s current position within the beauty industry, understand what our campaign needed to accomplish and how to achieve that. Most importantly, our research showed us who our target needed to be, why and how we were going to reach them.”

Presenter and recent graduate Ghada Soufan credited the team’s success and advancement in the competition due to strong research.

“Research was crucial to our campaign – it led us to a key insight that differentiated our strategy from any other team and led to a remarkable creative campaign.”

Given the advertising industry’s current interest in research and how it drives impactful campaigns, the team saw the title as a huge honor.

“Research is one of the most important parts of the advertising process. Winning the award shows the proficiency and excellence of the advertising and public relations department at The University of Texas at Austin compared to some other top advertising programs in the nation,” said Rowley.

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