Course Consent

What is Consent?

Consent of the instructor is listed as a prerequisite for the upper-division Advertising courses listed below. Students must have the consent of the instructor prior to registration. Students who are requesting consent to Advanced Media Strategies must complete a consent form AND fill out a TexasMedia Application. (Only students admitted into the TexasMedia program can take ADV 377 Advanced Media Strategies.) Students must apply to the TexasCreative program to enroll in Portfolio classes.

ADV 378 Advanced Issues in Multicultural Markets

ADV 377 Advanced Media Strategies*

ADV 378 Brand Building and Team Building

ADV 379H Honors Tutorial

ADV 377 Media Management

ADV 379J Supv Individual Media Studies

* Required for TexasMedia

ADV 377 One to One ADV: The Internet

Publishing experience required. Students will be added to the course by the Advertising department the first class day.

ADV 343K Portfolio I (part of Texas Creative)

Students must have been accepted into the Texas Creative sequence for enrollment. Applications are available after registration. Students can add this course during the ADD/DROP period.

Please Note

Upper-division status (60 hours or above)

Students must have a 2.25 overall UT GPA (GPA waivers by the Dean of Student Advising do not guarantee consent of a course)

Certain sections of ADV 378 DO NOT require consent. Students can register for these courses. Please do not call or e-mail the Advertising Advisor for confirmation of your consent request. After you submit your form, a confirmation will appear on your screen. This is your only confirmation.

Consent Instructions

Students are responsible for course prerequisites and first day class policies.

Receiving consent for a class does not enroll you in that course. Receiving consent for a course means TEX will recognize your student ID number for enrollment. You can check this site for results. You must use TEX during your registration period to add the class. It is the responsibility of the student to add the course.

NO Changes in the consent lists will be made until the first class day. Additional enrollment on the first class day is at the discretion of the instructor.

Students can only request consent for two uniques during one semester.

There are no waiting lists for any Advertising courses.

Consent of the instructor is required for some upper division Advertising courses. It is possible, however, to receive consent on the first class day. Students must attend class on the first class day and request consent from the instructor. Students added to consent courses on or after the first class are given consent at the discretion of the instructor.

Each semester the consent process is conducted without regard to prior semesters.