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Sports Media Certificate

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A Theoretical Understanding and Practical Experience

The Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations Sports Media certificate is meant for students outside of the Stan Richards School and is designed to give a theoretical understanding and practical experience in a category that has moved to the forefront of the media industry in the United States and around the world.

As media options have proliferated in the post network and digital age, audiences have become highly fragmented. It has become much harder for media to gather large, predictable, real time, engaged audiences for individual programs. The major exception is sports.

As a result, marketers have dedicated massive resources to complex, integrated sports strategies in everything from the Olympics to World Cup to Formula 1, the NFL, the NCAA and emerging sports like professional surfing and lacrosse. As the value of the sports product has skyrocketed, teams, leagues and athletes have found it worthwhile to perfect their own marketing. Together, marketers, sports teams and leagues have pushed the envelope on combining mass media, social and digital media, sponsorship, public relations and other disciplines into powerful integrated communications programs.

To adequately cover this broad spectrum of stakeholders, the Stan Richards School Sports Media curriculum allows students to explore a wide range of perspectives, including those of sports leagues and organizations, sports media, athletes, society in general and brands connecting with audiences through sports.

Within the Stan Richards School, students majoring in Advertising or Public Relations can obtain a Concentration in Sports Media by taking courses as electives to their major. Non-Advertising or Public Relations majors can obtain a Stan Richards School Sports Media Certificate by completing the required curriculum. See the side bar for more information in the Sports Media brochure.

In addition to ADV/PR courses, certificate students may take the following electives offered outside the Stan Richards School:

Communication 325S - Topic 1: Sports, Media and the Integration of American Society
Communication Studies 347K - Rhetoric of Popular Culture
Journalism 326F - Reporting Sports
Journalism 349G - Sports Journalism
Radio-Television-Film 359 - Topic: Youth and Social Media
Kinesiology 350 - Sociological Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity
Kinesiology 354 - Sport and Event Marketing