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Michael Mackert

Michael Mackert

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Michigan State University, Mass Media and Information Studies, 2006

M.A., Michigan State University, Information and Telecommunication Management, 2003

B.S., Michigan State University, Chemistry, 2001

Office: 512-471-8558
Fax: 512-471-7018

Dr. Mackert's current research focus is on health literacy, with a particular interest in the best ways to design health messages to reach low health literate populations. This work applies to both new digital media (e.g., e-health interventions designed specifically for low literate and low health literate audiences) and traditional media (e.g., health literacy issues in direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising). Other research interests include telemedicine implementations to provide healthcare services at a distance, the role of trust in communication and advertising, and mass media/interpersonal impacts on healthy behaviors.
Current research projects include:

- evaluating specially-designed websites to provide information to
  low health literate audiences on mobile devices

- investigating the cultural and socioeconomic factors that make
  it challenging for parents to raise children with healthy eating
  and exercise habits

- evaluating and developing campaigns to promote folic acid usage
  in Mexican-born women living in the United States

- evaluating direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals
  to evaluate their educational content for low health literate audiences

Most recently his research has appeared in the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, Telemedicine and e-Health, the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care, the Journal of Palliative Care, and the Journal of School Health. Forthcoming publications will appear in Fertility and Sterility, Journal of Technology in Human Services, and International Journal of Healthcare and Technology Management.