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About the Advertising PHD Program

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Ph.D. Handbook (pdf)

The Department of Advertising at The University of Texas at Austin is the only program in the world to offer a Ph.D. in Advertising. Our interdisciplinary approach emphasizes the research aspects that are to be expected at a Research 1 university by providing the tools necessary to become productive scholars, teachers and leaders in the academic community. 

The Doctoral program in Advertising at The University of Texas is interdisciplinary in nature and is devoted to providing a rigorous educational experience that challenges graduates to attain their highest potential of intellectual achievement. The Ph.D. program is designed to meet the needs of exceptional graduate students who wish to prepare for teaching and research positions in universities or for research careers in industry or business.

Although one of the largest in the country, it remains highly selective. Completion of the doctoral program assumes a willingness and capacity on the part of students to further development of the discipline. Students also should be receptive to a well-rounded education in Advertising, as it is grounded in communication, human behavior, marketing and culture. The Doctoral program is deliberately designed to be broad and flexible, and students are encouraged to draw upon the full range and interests of the faculty, both within the department and across other departments in the University. More is expected of graduate students than undergraduates and doctoral studies presume a level of involvement that greatly exceeds that of a Master’s program.

The time needed to complete a Ph.D. is varied. Some or most of the coursework taken during the Master's program may be counted toward the Ph.D., depending upon how applicable a course is to the student's area of study. On average, most students take about 4 years to complete their Ph.D. program.

The department offers support to our incoming students with teaching assistantships, graduate assistantships and University fellowships as well as funds for conference presentations. 

The above is a very basic description of the Ph.D. program in the Department of Advertising. For additional information, you can download a copy of our Ph.D. Handbook -- get Adobe Acrobat to view.