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Kate Pounders

Assistant Professor
Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations



(636) 675-5831

Dr. Pounders is a consumer psychologist who investigates emotions, goals, and the self. Her research focuses on the role of emotion and identity in the contexts of communication strategy effectiveness and health communication. Dr. Pounders is especially interested in the role that emotion and gender identity play in understanding women’s reactions to persuasion strategy and health issues. Other areas of interest include motivation and information processing. She has published work in the Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Health Psychology, Psychology and Marketing, Journal of Current Issues in Advertising, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Medical Internet Research, and the Journal of Communications in Healthcare. She is also a member of the Association for Consumer Research, the Academy of Marketing Science, and the American Academy of Advertising.

Current research interests include: the interplay between emotions, goals, and construal in understanding consumer response to communication strategy; the impact of self-conscious emotional appeals (guilt, shame and pride) in pro-social marketing campaigns; identity and women’s health.

Teaching: Dr. Pounders enjoys teaching and engaging students in the classroom. At UT she teaches advertising ethics (ADV/PR 353), Integrated Marketing Communication Campaigns (ADV/PR 373) and the graduate consumer behavior course (ADV 391J). Prior to UT, she has taught consumer behavior, integrated marketing communications and principles of marketing.