Undergraduate Internship Information

In order to take an internship for credit, students must have completed the courses listed below with a C- or better. On top of these prerequisites, students must have a GPA of at least 2.00 to take an internship for credit.

For ADV 350 (Advertising Internship):

  • ADV 344K (Advertising Research)
  • ADV 345J (Advertising Media Planning)

For PR 350 (Public Relations Internship):

  • PR 348 (Public Relations Techniques)
  • ADV 344K (Advertising Research)
  • ADV 345J (Advertising Media Planning)

For ADV 151 (Advertising Practicum):

  • Elective
  • ADV 350 (Advertising Internship)

For PR 151 (Public Relations Practicum):

  • Elective
  • PR 350 (Public Relations Internship)

For ADV 350s, PR 350s (Internship in Sports Media):

  • Upper-division standing
  • A University grade point average of at least 2.25
  • Advertising 305S or Public Relations 305S
  • Three additional hours from the Sports Media Certificate approved coursework list.

Guidelines you must consider when looking for an internship if you want it considered for course credit:

  • No organization may have more than TWO unpaid interns receiving academic credit from our program during a given semester. 
  • You must take the internship class during the same semester or summer session that you complete the internship. Retroactive credit for internships will not be granted under any circumstances.
  • The internship must be between 180 hours and 200 hours throughout the semester (Spring & Fall semesters); Summer internships only require a minimum of 180 hours. 
  • The internship must be highly relevant to the student’s major education (advertising or public relations) and to their future career development. 
  • Clerical/administrative work should not consist of more than 20% of the internship duties. 
  • Due to COVID-19 we are accepting remote internships for credit.
  • If the internship is not remote, it should take place in an office setting where the student has direct and in-person contact with their supervisor. It may not take place in a personal residence.
  • Interns may not use software with UT-Austin licenses during their internship. 
  • All work-related expenses incurred by the intern in the course of their internship need to be paid for or refunded by the organization, unless other financial agreements are made.

In order to receive course credit for your internship you must have your internship approved by Dr. Cunningham, the Internship Program Director. Getting your internship approved involves two main steps, carried out in a specific order. In short, you must first register for the internship class. Then you must submit details of your proposed internship for review and approval using the Moody College Internship Application.

You may register for the internship class before securing an internship. Once you have been hired as an intern, you may complete the application (step 2).

  1. Register for the course.
    • If you register for an in-residence course, you must pay by the posted tuition deadline.
    • If you register for a summer University Extension course, you must pay for the course before you will have access to the internship application.
  2. Complete the online Internship Application (https://utdirect.utexas.edu/apps/comm/coweb/internships/). You MUST be registered for a Moody internship course (either in-residence or through University Extension) before you will have access to this application.
    • You must pay for the summer University Extension course and receive your email receipt before you will have access to the internship application.
    • Add the comm-studentservices@austin.utexas.edu email address to your accepted contacts list so the emails regarding your application do not go to your spam folder.
  3. Secure Approvals.
    • After you complete and submit your application, your internship supervisor (employer) will be contacted via email and asked to fill out their portion of the application. They’ll be asked to confirm (1) that you have been hired for an internship, (2) that the information you provided in your application is accurate, and (3) that they meet the following requirements for hosting an intern, which have been approved by The University of Texas at Austin's Office for Legal Affairs.
    • After your internship supervisor (employer) submits their portion of the application, Dr. Cunningham will receive a notification via email that all materials of your application have been submitted and are ready for review. Dr. Cunningham will then review your internship application and determine if it is suitable for academic credit by either approving or denying it.

You must track the status of both of these approvals by logging back on to your submitted application; you are responsible for ensuring that these approvals are granted before the deadline and following up when needed. Students who do not complete these steps by the posted deadline will be dropped from the internship course and will not receive academic credit for their internship.

Submission deadlines for the internship application:

  • Fall 2020 Internship submission - August 31, 2020 noon (12 p.m. central time).
  • Spring 2021 Internship submission - January 22, 2021 noon (12 p.m. central time).
  • Summer 2021 internship submission - June 4, 2021 noon (12 p.m. central time).