Undergraduate Internship Information

Accommodations for Summer 2020

For students who need to complete the internship course and are graduating in August 2020, full course credit will be given for either (1) taking the internship course AND obtaining a remote or “work from home” internship; or (2) taking the internship course AND completing a research project provided by Dr. Cunningham in lieu of an internship (if one cannot be obtained).

To qualify for option (2), impacted students will need to provide Dr. Cunningham a list of at least 3 potential employers (with names and titles of persons) they contacted to seek an internship with to prove that an effort to obtain one was made. This accomodation only applies to students who could not secure an internship for Summer 2020 and plan to graduate in August.

Students who plan to graduate in Fall 2020 and need to take the internship course can take the course this summer, however, if a student with these circumstances cannot secure a summer internship we recommend they take the class in Fall. However, exceptions can be made for extreme circumstances, so students are encouraged to register for the course and complete the online internship application, which Dr. Cunningham will review and approve on an as needed basis. 

Additional accommodations, such as those described above, may be made in the future due to continued impact from COVID-19. Students are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Cunningham or Samantha Wilson with additional questions or concerns. Their contact information is located on the right-hand side of this page.

Summer internships offered through University Extension

If you are taking a Moody College internship during the summer, you have the option of registering for the course through University Extension (not available for students enrolled in the UTLA or the UTNY program). The prerequisites, course instructors, guidelines for approval, course deliverables, and syllabi are the same as for the in-residence courses but tuition costs will be significantly lower. All internship courses will also be offered in-residence for students who need to enroll due to insurance, financial aid/scholarship, or another reason.

Follow these steps:

  1. Use our Internship Course Selection Tool to determine which course to take. Read all instructions carefully, and follow all steps provided to ensure that you complete the registration and application processes successfully.
  2. Register for the course.
    • If you register for an in-residence course, you must pay by the posted tuition deadline.
    • If you register for a summer University Extension course, you must pay for the course before you will have access to the internship application.
  3. Complete the online Internship Application. You MUST be registered for a Moody internship course (either in-residence or through University Extension) before you will have access to this application.
    • You must pay for the summer University Extension course and receive your email receipt before you will have access to the internship application.
    • Add the comm-studentservices@austin.utexas.edu email address to your accepted contacts list so our emails regarding your application do not go to your spam folder.
  4. Secure Approvals.
    • The instructor for the course you wish to take will review your internship application and determine if it is suitable for academic credit.
    • In addition, your internship supervisor (employer) will be contacted via email and asked to confirm (1) that you have been hired for an internship, (2) that the information you provided in your application is accurate, and (3) that they meet the following requirements for hosting an intern, which have been approved by The University of Texas at Austin's Office for Legal Affairs.

You must track the status of both of these approvals by logging back on to your submitted application; you are responsible for ensuring that these approvals are granted before the deadline and following up when needed. 

  1. PrepareReview the Professional Conduct, Proper Attire & Sexual Harassment Guidelines and the Department of Labor Fair Standards Act criteria for unpaid internships (if applicable).
  2. Syllabus. Obtain the course syllabus from the instructor. Generally, this will be made available via Canvas.

Students who do not complete these steps by the posted deadline will be dropped from the internship course and will not receive academic credit for their internship.

Course Prerequisites

In order to take an internship for credit, students must have completed the courses listed below with a C- or better. On top of these prerequisites, students must have a GPA of at least 2.00 to take an internship for credit.

For ADV 350 (Advertising Internship):

  • ADV 344K (Advertising Research)
  • ADV 345J (Advertising Media Planning)

For PR 350 (Public Relations Internship):

  • PR 348 (Public Relations Techniques)
  • ADV 344K (Advertising Research)
  • ADV 345J (Advertising Media Planning)

For ADV 151 (Advertising Practicum):

  • Elective
  • ADV 350 (Advertising Internship)

For PR 151 (Public Relations Practicum):

  • Elective
  • PR 350 (Public Relations Internship)

For ADV 350s, PR 350s (Internship in Sports Media):

  • Upper-division standing
  • A University grade point average of at least 2.25
  • Advertising 305S or Public Relations 305S
  • Three additional hours from the Sports Media Certificate approved coursework list.

Internship Opportunities

Current postings can be found in the Jobs section of our LinkedIn page. In addition, you can also visit the Moody College Career Services  web page to view additional opportunities. Paid internships will be considered first for approval. No more than two unpaid internships per organization will be approved for credit.  Students are expected to be compensated for their internship.  Because the list of jobs is not comprehensive and does not reflect the number of internship opportunities that may be available, students are encouraged to seek out and apply for other available internships on their own. Each internship must be approved by the Internship Supervisor, Dr. Isabella Cunningham.

Internship Application

Please consult the Internship Guidelines document for more details. In short, you should register for the internship course (making sure that you meet the course prerequisites and minimum GPA requirements), while simultaneously applying for internships.  Please note that the earlier you apply for an internship the better, as many internships are filled well before the beginning of the semester.

After you have registered and obtained an internship, you must Apply online here to have your internship approved.
Deadline date for internship application submission:
  • Summer 2020 internship submission - June 5, 2020 noon (central time).
  • Fall 2020 Internship submission - August 28, 2020 noon (central time).
  • Spring 2021 Internship submission - January 22, 2021 noon (central time).
Once you submit the online Internship Application, it will be automatically sent to Dr. Isabella Cunningham and to your internship supervisor for review.  Both Dr. Cunningham and your organization’s internship supervisor must approve your internship in order to meet the course requirement.  If you have any questions about these requirements, refer to the Internship Guidelines.