About the Texas Immersive Los Angeles Trip



On November 1, my fellow Texas Immersive students and I went on a trip to Los Angeles, California. This opportunity was only for students in the Experimental Storytelling class. This 5-day trip consisted of networking, bonding, and exploring LA together. 


On the first day of the trip, we had a networking dinner with professionals in the industry. We each brought a special artifact that said something about who we are. For example, I brought an embroidery that I created. We put our artifacts on a table and the industry professionals would choose an artifact that was interesting to them. We then got to sit down and talk with whoever chose our artifact.


On Thursday, we traveled to Walt Disney Studios where we got a tour of the lot and we got to experience a demo of ILM StageCraft. After the amazing tour, our class traveled to the Infinity Festival where we got to attend panels that included specific world of entertainment topics. My favorite panel was one that talked about location based entertainment with professionals from Meow Wolf, Area 15, and Lighthouse Immersive. After Infinity Festival was over, we went to a hotel rooftop for another networking session. 


On Friday, a few of my fellow classmates and I decided to spend the morning exploring Santa Monica Pier. In the afternoon, we headed back to the Infinity Festival where we attended a panel about the creation of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. At night, we had the opportunity to go to Two Bit Circus where we played some immersive games and went on a backstage tour. After Two Bit Circus, we all went and sang karaoke together.


Saturday was our last full day in LA. We started the day off at a beach house where we were able to attend a world building exercise held by Rachel Viktor, and also heard about how to use AI to develop consistent characters. We ended the day at Universal Studios Hollywood where we played and experienced all the immersive theme park had to offer.


I am so grateful for our professor Erin Reilly and the rest of the Texas Immersive faculty for organizing this unforgettable experience. I had so much fun and would recommend this trip to anyone else who is given this opportunity.


Avery Tellam
Frances Lee
Mara Kelly
Graphic Designer