The Ad Lab at Moody

It has been one year since The Lab at UT launched. During this time, it has held Texas Creative critiques and hosted guests such as Amazon, TikTok, and Dell, who have offered career advice to students. Students enrolled in The Lab course have had the privilege of developing campaigns for big clients such as Telcovas, Zales, Circuit of The Americas, and more. It has also welcomed a new program coordinator, Terri Harding.

So, what is The Lab? The Lab is a capstone course for undergraduate seniors in advertising and public relations. It allows students to implement all the knowledge they have attained and use it to develop campaigns for real clients. The Lab provides students with real-world experience in their respective professions. The class is split up into three teams: creative media, public relations, and strategy. The teams are decided based on a survey that students must complete prior to registering for the course. All these teams work as one cohesive unit to develop a campaign that meets the client’s needs. The only requirement to join is to complete the ICM class before registering. 

Yes, The Lab is a course, but it is also a meeting place for students, Ad/PR agencies, and well-respected companies. The Lab brings in many guest speakers and hosts “In The Lab Light” events. These events are where companies are invited to speak to students about career opportunities, offer advice, and a chance to network. Follow The Lab on Instagram at @thelab_ut for updates and to check out what company is In the Lab Light.


Marie Aihua Parra