Amerika Torres

Mastering UT's Digital Fundraising
Student highlight


Amerika Torres, plays a prominent role in the University of Texas's fundraising success, leading
the way in the ever-changing realm of digital campaigns and social media. Amerika's journey, as
a leader of UT's paid social media efforts, is truly remarkable, just like the campaigns she
skillfully organizes.

Since June 2022, Amerika has served as the Digital Fundraising Specialist at Texas
Development, the fundraising arm of UT, a position she became aware of through the Moody
Career Center. She prioritizes the creation of influential digital campaigns, working closely with
campus partners, and devising strategies to elevate the university's reputation.
Amerika is a key figure in UT's innovative social media outreach. She oversees the Longhorn
Digital Ambassador program, providing mentorship to more than 10 students. Her role involves
guiding them in the development of compelling content for social media and email platforms.
The team functions harmoniously, flourishing through collaboration with campus partners to
enhance their advertising strategy.

Amerika has also spearheaded UT's unique strategy for paid social media advertisements,
collaborating with external vendors to guarantee that the university's message is effectively
delivered to its target audience.

On a daily basis, Amerika focuses on the intricacies of Meta and LinkedIn, improving paid social
media campaigns and collaborating with the Annual Giving Programs team and campus
partners to develop new digital strategies. Her commitment is especially apparent when she's
preparing for UT’s university-wide day of giving, 40 Hours for the 40 Acres on April 10th and
11th. Amerika effectively handles a yearly budget of over $40,000 and utilizes her expertise in
Google Analytics and Meta to create a persuasive story based on data. She delves into metrics
such as impressions and click-through rates.

Amerika effectively manages her academic commitments as a first year graduate student in the
Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations alongside her demanding full-time
professional role. Her dedication to comprehending analytics and data storytelling emphasizes
her objective of guaranteeing that every campaign is not merely a digital trace but an engaging

Amerika values the strong bond and sense of unity among her team, as well as an opportunity
to significantly contribute to the university's fundraising endeavors. Having started her journey at
Texas Development, she has now become a source of inspiration for students who are
navigating the complex intersection of academia and digital expertise. Amerika Torres is not just
UT's paid social media manager; she exemplifies the profound influence of enthusiasm and

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