Graduating Student Highlight: Emma Weeden

My name is Emma Weeden, and I am from Fort Worth, Texas. I am a graduating senior majoring in Advertising and minoring in Business. 

What made you decide to come to UT?

Growing up in Texas, I was surrounded by family and friends that seemed to have a crazy obsession with the University of Texas and the “Longhorns.” I found myself compelled to be a part of whatever they were so enthusiastic about. As I made my way to high school and considered where I wanted to be for the next four years, I found UT to be the perfect place for me. Besides wanting to live in Austin, a city I had already fallen in love with (I visited almost every year to see family), getting into UT was a huge goal of mine. I am honored to be in the #1 Ad program in the country and surrounded by so many intelligent and incredible people.

What was your favorite part of being a Moody student?

During my time at UT, I have been amazed by the students I am surrounded by. It is easy to take the amazing community I am surrounded by for granted. I am fortunate to be in a program and culture that values my success. One of the highlights of my time here was working as a Layout Designer in Spark Magazine, a student-run fashion magazine. Many Spark members were also in my Moody courses, so connecting with them in different environments and with varying skill sets was fun.

What was your favorite class, and why?

My favorite class was Art Director Seminar with Professor Rao. In the course, we were pushed to do funky, weird things that all stemmed from the skills needed to be a creative director. We worked on print posters, a music video treatment, a TikTok, a short film, typography, and more. I loved getting the chance to work on projects I would never normally do on my own, plus Rao himself is an icon and an inspiring professor to learn from.

Do you have any advice for future/current students?

My biggest advice would be to use your time at UT to connect with your professors. It can be intimidating but is extremely rewarding and can only help you. I am lucky to have learned from outstanding professors and lecturers in Moody, and I look forward to lasting relationships with them. I would also say, don’t take yourself too seriously. Most of the people around you don’t know what they are doing either. You’re all in it together, and that is an amazing thing.

What are your plans after graduating?

I have always wanted to get out of Texas for a bit after college. I am excited to be pursuing an advertising career in New York City and am currently in the job search process. I am eager to see where I will end up and to start this new chapter in my life

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