Introducing the Mediahub/NYC TM&A Fellowship Program

Alejandro Clabiorne, a Texas Media and Analytics alumni, the Executive Director of MediaHub Worldwide, has recently established a fellowship program with TM&A students in their New York Office.

Five current TM&A seniors have recently been offered Media Strategist roles for the first summer of this fellowship program. These students are slated to begin their positions later this March. In addition to these five deserving students, there are two other non-graduating students from the Spring ‘22 cohort who have been offered a summer internship position and are looking to extend offers to other students.

There are hopes that after this initial run of the program, MediaHub will continue to recruit 2-4 students in the Fall semester and 4-6 students in the Spring semester about two months before they graduate to remotely onboard them to begin their new jobs right after graduation.

With remote onboarding becoming more a part of the industry norm and standard, countless new opportunities have been extended to students to participate in programs and fellowships just like this one. Professor Lisa Dobias is currently in the process of hopefully securing more pathways like this one for other TM&A seniors to take advantage of.

With the world of advertising constantly changing, make sure you keep your eyes out on the doors that can be opened so you can land your dream job too!

Anna Rivera