Mobile App Advertising Continues to Rise

Companies are increasingly eager to get in front of their target market, and mobile app advertising is a great way to reach them. One company that makes this possible is Austin-based Digital Turbine. Digital Turbine places companies, such as Uber and TikTok, on their on-device media platform, making it more convenient for people to find the app and download it. This move helps advertisers reach users at hugely increased rates.

Mobile app advertising companies such as Digital Turbine are advertiser solutions that offer a unique way to connect carriers, advertisers and users.

Yet, all of this is not quite as simple as it seems. Teams of developers are needed to program the devices these apps appear on, working closely with phone carriers worldwide to provide the most seamless experience for the final consumer.

One developer, who works with Digital Turbine in Austin, has agreed to enlighten us on the process of how Digital Turbine connects the advertiser to the mobile app consumer market:

Have you seen the market for mobile app advertising grow during your time here at Digital Turbine?

"We have seen a huge increase in demand from advertisers due to the effectiveness of our product. The successful conversion rate and the low cost of our campaigns has converted us into the top advertisement pipeline for companies such as Uber and Facebook. Just in the past year, our company value has grown more than two-hundred percent, and we expect even more growth in the years to come.”

Based on your experience, what would you say are the biggest advertising advantages for big companies using this?

"Companies want to have their products right in front of their users, and currently there is no other place where users spend more time than on their phones. Our product allows companies to be able to reach their target users in the most targeted and simple way possible -  with their apps. We place advertiser’s apps in user’s phones to trigger their curiosity, and most of the time this results in a successful engagement between the user and the app.”

I am aware there is a lot going on in the back-end in order to achieve this advertising advantage for companies. What are the biggest difficulties in the development of this advertising process?

"As an advertising company, we are always worried about delivering our content in the most holistic way. We always want to respect our users and their privacy, while simultaneously offering advertisers the most successful campaigns possible. Maintaining a balance between these two elements is the most challenging part of our business.”

Paige Cabianca