The Science Behind Communication- Moody College of Communication Partners with College of Natural Sciences to Offer New Science Communication Minor

What drives humanity forward? Communication. The original forms of communication include drawings, gestures, and music. Looking back, communicating has not changed much in the last thousand years. Humans depend on communication as a way to survive, without being able to communicate correctly human civilization would have died out a long time ago.


Today, it is crucial for people to communicate in different environments; whether in a professional setting or using emojis to talk with friends. With so many different forms of communication, it is extremely important for young people to be able to evaluate their situation and communicate properly for that specific circumstance. One thing people often struggle with is communicating science and political topics in an effective manner. Due to this, the Moody College of Communication and the College of Natural Sciences have teamed up to offer students a new minor, the Science Communication Minor


The Science Communication Minor dives deep into the art of communicating scientific topics in a professional manner to a wide variety of people. To complete this minor students must complete 18 hours of classwork, nine of which must be outside of their major. Students can select from 30 different classes to build a better understanding of communication. These classes include Interpersonal Communication Theory, Nonverbal Communication, Political Communication, Creative Communication of Scientific Research, Reporting on the Environment, Lying and Deception, and so many more! After completing this, students will have learned to “effectively communicate science topics to a variety of audiences by utilizing professional communication techniques and tools to gain an understanding of contemporary communication issues and advanced skills to enhance communication with the public.”


The goal of this minor is to ensure that students can communicate effectively no matter what type of environment they may find themselves in. Our society depends on individuals being able to pick up on nonverbal cues, being able to conduct research and report findings, and create content that leaves an impact on viewers. Without these skills, it is almost impossible to succeed no matter what industry they decide to work in. Thanks to this partnership, students will have the opportunity to hone in on skills that are necessary to be successful leaders in society and communicate with a variety of audiences. 


Julia Mata
Sami Kieffer
Ryan Moore
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