Snapchat's Big Move

If you could make thousands of dollars overnight, just for posting on a Snapchat, would you? Meet "Snapchat Spotlight," the multi-million dollar program launched to inspire users to share their content. Every day, Snapchat pays out a million dollars to users who contribute to this feature. 

In no time at all, Tiktok has blown up to become one of the biggest apps to date- with 1 billion active monthly users. In July, the app rolled out the "Creator Fund," which allowed users over 18 with large followings to monetize their videos. This opportunity didn't come without criticisms, though, as creators claimed Tiktok has been suppressing their views to pay less. 

To promote creativity and excitement around the app, Snapchat launched its Spotlight feature, a rivaling program to Tiktok's Creator Fund. While before, you had to have a large following, now anyone can have a piece of the pie, only for posting. 

Snapchat Spotlight features videos like Tiktok's "For You Page," as you'll see dancing, memes, and challenges. But, if your video goes viral, you can make a lot of money without being an influencer. 

So, are you intrigued? Try Snapchat Spotlight out for yourself and see if you can make it big. 

Emily Southard