They're Hiring

     With the end of the spring semester drawing closer, we at TXADPR know that landing a job is at the top of the list for most graduating students. To help our fellow Longhorns out, this week we wanted to share a short list of companies that we found were still hiring. Some have even ramped up on hiring during the quarantine. Check out these companies’ opportunities and make sure you apply.



    Outside of those companies, make sure you keep an eye out for industries whose need for employees has skyrocketed (e.g. healthcare, grocery stores, delivery services, product manufacturing). Amazon alone stated that it was looking to hire upwards of 100,000 employees in the coming days.  

     As always, we at TXADPR encourage you to stay positive, stay diligent, and most of all stay home and stay safe. We will get through this together (but separate).  

Reece White