Adapt and Overcome

The outbreak of Coronavirus and its resulting need for social distancing has caused many companies to request that their employees work remotely. As expected, these companies are prioritizing the health of their people while also trying to stay in business. However, we at TXADPR know that this transition is not easy for all industries, including the advertising industry. Advertising agencies tend to thrive on in-person collaboration in order to increase creative thinking. However, as advertising professionals, we must remember that we are pros at adapting to abrupt change. Whether it’s shifting focus to meet client needs, dealing with sudden changes in strategy to meet goals, or executing last-minute brand campaigns in response to an unforeseeable event, advertisers have done it all. That ability to adapt and overcome is what makes advertising a constant adventure. 

The situation that our country is currently facing will come with obstacles many of us have never seen. However, it simply means that we must switch gears and find a new way to accomplish our goals. So, join us at TXADPR in brainstorming. What are your ideas on productive ways to creatively collaborate online? What do you find beneficial in your online working environment? This is something that will affect each and every one of us, so please join the conversation on any of our social media platforms.

Jack Eltife