Alumni Spotlight: Pryce Bahnsen

With graduation right around the corner, many students may be overwhelmed with the thought of jumping headfirst into their internships or careers. It can be inspiring to hear the stories of students who have recently experienced this change and have thrived in their new professional careers.

We spoke with recent UT graduate Pryce Bahnsen to discuss her time at UT and what she’s been up to since graduating in December 2021. Pryce graduated with her Master’s in Advertising after joining the program in Fall 2020. Graduate school had always been a goal of hers as she saw how valuable a degree from UT could be for her professional career. “Graduating from such a prestigious graduate program would not only allow me to be highly respected and sought after in the professional setting, but I would graduate with unparalleled knowledge, resources, and experiences, and I have always admired the Texas Longhorn network,” said Bahnsen.

The University of Texas has been at the top of the list for Advertising programs for many years, the most recent being named the #1 program in the nation by College Factual in 2021. Students come from all over the world to have the opportunity to learn from top-tier professors on critical topics in the industry. Pryce noted that her favorite class from the program was Consumer Behavior which she took during her first semester at UT. “To this day, I still think about and apply the concepts I learned in that class when planning and designing digital content, paid advertisements, websites, etc., for my clients,” said Bahnsen. Pryce’s clients are those that she connected with during her undergraduate career at LSU before launching her digital marketing agency, Pryce Parker, officially following her graduation in December of 2021.

Pryce’s inspiration to follow her dream of opening her business was sparked by her time at UT. “It ultimately gave me the confidence, both professionally and personally, to accomplish what many thought was impossible. I graduated feeling like I could easily “compete” with any other digital marketing agency,” said Bahnsen. 

Pryce’s advice to students really revolves around making connections. “Always show up to class and be actively engaged, introduce yourself to everyone because everyone you meet has something to offer, and never pass up an opportunity, big or small, to gain professional experience because any experience, good or bad, is valuable to your future self, trust me,” said Bahnsen.

Pryce is looking to expand and grow her Pryce Parker Internship Program and connect with eager and hardworking students in college and graduate school. If you’re interested in Social Media Management and or Website Design and Management, she is currently looking for students to fulfill paid internship roles in the Summer of 2022, Fall of 2022, and Spring of 2023. 

If interested, please send your resume and portfolio to

Miya Leykauf