Best Place to Receive a Public Relation’s Bachelor Degree

Deciding what college to go to as a PR student? Ranked “#31 in population, public relations and advertising are one of the most sought-after bachelor’s degree programs in the nation” (College Factual). 

When considering what college you want to attend, you not only explore the professors, location, and opportunities you can garner from that university, but you also look at the school’s ranking. The website college factual considers many things when ranking a school.

To start, the ranking considers graduation rates, overall graduate earnings, and average early-career salaries of the university. The website also takes into account factors such as how much the school focuses on PR and advertising as a major in comparison to other majors, “the number of public relations and advertising students who choose to seek a bachelor’s degree at the school”, the educational resources allocated toward that degree, the ease by which students can pay back their student loan, and whether the “school is regionally accredited” (college factual). 

The University of Texas at Austin is ranked the number two best college for a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. After graduation, PR alumni can expect a monthly income of $6,265. The education the students receive sets them up for success by teaching them how to shape the images of the companies they will be working for.

A Public Relations degree at UT focuses on “strategic thinking, professional writing, ethical practice, and innovative use of new media to prepare professional communicators in a variety of settings” ( According to the University of Texas, in 2016, 85% of their graduates were employed, and they employ 30+ award-winning faculty.

With a PR major in mind, many high school students seek out UT as an option. Alexa Zohar, a third-year PR student said that one of the main reasons she came to UT was for Moody’s PR major. She was “super interested in PR because every route [she] takes or company [she] works for values and needs PR to stand out”. 

The University of Texas at Austin is an excellent school for one who is interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in public relations. Alongside high-quality faculty, students can find their niche while the staff supports each student, throughout and beyond their time at UT. 

Hannah Amoils