Janelle Sosa, From Longhorn to Texas Exes Content Coordinator

Moody College of Communications Alumni, Janelle Sosa, has experienced a full circle journey when it comes to UT. From her experience as an undergraduate student, to her current position as a Digital Content Coordinator for Texas Exes, Janelle is a longhorn through and through.

For Janelle, attending UT was an obvious choice. It was her family’s love for UT and the influence of her older cousin that graduated from UT in 2014, that initially attracted Janelle to the University. However, it was Moody’s top tier, public relations degree plan that was the ultimate deciding factor. 

“I’m a little bit of a nerd, so I love doing my own research and I found out that it was one of the number one programs in the country. Everything from the faculty to the internship opportunities, I knew that Moody was the place for me,” Janelle said. 

As a student, Janelle had aspirations of going off to Hollywood and obtaining a job as a publicist for various celebrities; however, after graduating in 2019, Janelle found herself working as a Marketing Coordinator for an engineering firm in Corpus Christi, Texas. It wasn’t until Janelle started working as a social media freelancer for a florist, that she truly found her love for social media.

“I loved the creative freedom, the ability to write all day long, and the ownership that came with managing accounts that working in social media provided,” Janelle said.

As a dedicated longhorn, it wasn’t long until Janelle found herself back at UT.  Starting in April 2021, Janelle began working as Digital Content Coordinator for Texas Exes. With passions like meeting new people, connecting with others and learning new things, this job was the perfect fit for Janelle.

Not only do Janelle’s innate skills, hard work ethic, and exceptional education point to her success after attending UT, but it is also her positive outlook and “live in the moment” spirit that have earned her the life she lives.

In the wise words of Janelle: “Don’t take things too seriously. Remember to have fun. While it’s easy to get caught up in the stress and work that comes with being a college student, the time you have in college is so fun and important. You will never get that time back.”