Coronavirus Freebies: Hone a New Skill, Get Fit, Stay Busy

     Companies across the world are aware that Coronavirus and the resulting pleas to stay at home are now facts of life. In response to this new reality, many brands are now offering their digital services completely free or providing a free trial to consumers who are looking for things to do with their extra time at home. For those who wish to develop a new skill, hone old skills, get physically fit, or (simply) stay busy, we at TXADPR have put together a list of freebies being offered by popular brands. 

  • Microsoft "Teams" and basic Office 365. In an effort to make remote work easier for businesses, Microsoft has expanded its free version of Teams, their collaborative communication tool. The company also offers a free six-month trial of its basic Office 365 products if the business needing these tools reach out to their Microsoft sales rep. 
  • Sling TV. Sling TV is offering a few new channels for free. The channels will be a mix of those delivering important news and those purely for entertainment purposes. 
  • Nike Training Club. Nike Training Club app has made all their premium workouts free for the time being. Stay home and stay fit!
  • Peloton. No, they are not giving out free bikes, unfortunately. However, Peloton is giving a free, 90-day trial for their home workout app, which you don't need Peloton equipment to access. Classes range from HIIT to yoga, so get moving!
  • CorePower Yoga. The popular yoga studio chain is giving free access to some on-demand classes while their studios are closed across the nation. Find your zen with CorePower Yoga. 
  • News Outlets. Some popular news sources are allowing free access to articles related to Coronavirus. While it can be overwhelming to constantly be served with Coronavirus news, we believe it is important to stay informed on the current situation. A few media sources offering free COVID-19 coverage are the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. 

Have we missed any freebies that everyone should take advantage of? Let us know across our TXADPR social media accounts and we will be sure to spread the word! As always, remember to stay positive and stay home as much as possible! 

Reece White