Stand Out on LinkedIn

In today's technology-driven world, it is common for employers to review a job candidate's online presence before extending an invitation for an in-person interview. Therefore, it is important that job seekers do their best to present a positive, professional online persona that adequately provides an overview of their skills and stands out from the crowd. That is where the beauty of LinkedIn comes in. Below, we at TXADPR have put together a list of tips for job seekers to use when updating their LinkedIn profiles. 

1. Network through LinkedIn. Personalize a direct message to the person you wish to network with and be upfront about the reason you are reaching out. 

2. Use a professional headshot. Profiles with professional headshots are 14x more likely to be viewed compared to those without a professional headshot. 

3. Display your WIIFM filter. Your WIIFM (what's in it for me) filter lets potential employers know why you matter. Speak directly to your target audience. 

4. Change the privacy settings. Make sure that your profile is public, your full name is visible, and peopel are notified when an article is written about you.

5. Gather social proof. Have your classmates, coworkers and mentors endorse your skills and profile. 

6. Post valuable content. Share industry articles, professional opinions, and articles that boost your personal brand. 

7. Customize your LinkedIn URL. First, click on Profile. Next, choose edit Profile. Then, click edit right under your photo.

8. Certify your skills. LinkedIn offers skill quizzes that, when you pass, will reward you with a certificate and profile boost. Those quizzes can be found under skills and endorsements.

9. Update your information. Your profile is your brand. Make sure to update all education and employment information. Also, update resumes and portfolios regularly. 

Alison Gibson