Etsy Launches Heartwarming Holiday Ad Campaign

Etsy is known as the go-to e-commerce site for handmade gifts, and COVID-19 has not slowed down its business. With the holidays coming up quick, and the pandemic still going strong, Etsy released a feel-good ad campaign reminding consumers that while we may not all see familiar faces for the holidays, you can still send a meaningful gift to your loved ones. 

In partnership with creative agency 72andSunny, Etsy’s 2020 holiday campaign, “Gift Like You Mean It,” includes three emotional shorts highlighting the power of a personal gift. The first ad, “Nana,” features grandparents missing their grandson, likely due to the pandemic. On Christmas morning, the grandparents wake up to a personalized Etsy gift from their grandson – a stuffed doll that looks like him. “The present is me!” said the grandson over a video call. “You’re supposed to hug it when you can’t see us.”

The second ad revolves around Shiori, a girl with a unique name that many find difficult to understand. She goes day-to-day unable to find her name on gift shop items or have her name spelled right on coffee cups. Finally, her mom gifts Shiori the perfect present – a necklace from Etsy with her name spelled out. 

Etsy’s final ad, “New Guy,” takes family gifting to a whole new level. The ad follows a man bringing his boyfriend home for the holidays. The “new guy” seems nervous throughout the night, until the father extends the boyfriend an handmade crochet Etsy ornament featuring a picture of the couple together. 

This campaign shows how a personalized, one-of-a-kind gift from Etsy can connect family members who are in need of some extra love for the holidays. What do you think of the campaign? Will you be purchasing an Etsy gift for your loved ones this year? Let us know on one of our socials @TXADPR!

Morgan Dubose