Exploring the Possibilities of Storytelling

Texas Immersive Students Create Immersive Experiences in Experimental Storytelling Course

Austin, TX- Texas Immersive Institute (TXI) students are exploring the possibilities of immersive experiences in the highly anticipated Experimental Storytelling course. These select students are gaining real-world knowledge by collaborating on projects with real-world clients. 

The Experimental Storytelling course explores narrative design and leans on emerging technologies to address real-world scenarios and client projects such as assisting those with asthma with Dr. Rhee at the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Nursing. Students worked together to create an interactive, easy-to-use platform to help adolescents manage their asthma with the help of Blu; a virtual being who provides critical information on how to manage asthma in an engaging way. This interdisciplinary collaboration has potential to form a long-term innovative partnership with the medical community with hopes to bring engaging, interactive tools for meaningful health messages. 

“With Erin’s close guidance and supervision, the students proposed highly innovative and adaptable prototype platforms that could potentially be further modified and enhanced as a platform that I’m envisioning.” said Professor Hyekyun Rhee, who worked closely with TXI on the Blu project. 

That’s not all, students have been working with the City of Austin in an unique way to share the city’s history. Texas Immersive Explorers have created Neighbors of the Past, an interactive game to virtually meet influential people who resided in Austin over the last 100 years. After putting in their location, historical people who have lived in that area will pop up for the user to learn more about them. 

Texas Immersive Explorers are also working on ways to spice up their resume by creating interactive content on a platform of their choosing. Some build Augmented Reality (AR) experiences to share with future employers, while others take this opportunity to integrate gaming. No matter what the project is, the result is certain to catch any recruiters attention.

Although these courses are exclusively to students who apply to the TXI program (applications due May 6, 2022), Professor Reilly encourages Longhorns to get involved regardless of discipline or skill level. Check out the TXI program calendar for events like meetups, workshops, research luncheons, join the TXI D.I.V.E. student club, or to come by the lab any time! 

About The Texas Immersive Institute 

The University of Texas at Austin’s Texas Immersive Institute at the Moody College of Communication partners with industry to imagine the unknown into existence through the practice of immersion. The institute is a group of faculty and student artists, scientists, and humanists who create novel, interactive, intimate experiences that move between the physical and digital world that will dramatically change in the near future. 

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