Founder and CEO of The Richards Group

Stan Richards Visits UT

Stan Richards is known to many as the founder and CEO of The Richards Group, the largest, independent advertising agency in America. He is also known to students as the person whose name adorns The University of Texas at Austin School of Advertising program. Typically, Stan can be found working hard in Dallas to serve his clients, however he recently visited UT to meet with faculty and students within the program. It’s not often that students get to meet -let alone discuss their lives and passions with the very person who their program is named after -but a handful of bright students were nominated and selected by faculty and peers for the unique opportunity to meet with Richards.

This year’s students selected to represent advertising and public relation disciplines at both the graduate and undergraduate level included: Matthew Brunicardi, Jochebed Fekadu, Tabitha Ford, Kayla Hernandez, Canaan McGee, Paolina Montes, Hayley Rodriguez, Katie Stone and Andrew Stonebarger. In addition to these students, Professor Emeritus, John Murphy, Professor and Consultant, Isabella Cunningham, and Director and Chair in the Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations JoAnn Sciarrino joined in welcoming Richards. Intended as an informal meeting, each student briefly shared their disciplines, passions, and plans following the completion of their time at UT. With each student, Richards listened intently as they spoke, then offered thought-provoking insight acquired from over four decades worth of experience in advertising. Students then took the opportunity to ask Richards questions they had prepared ranging from ethnicity to gender, and emerging trends in advertising to business. Richards carefully addressed and answered each question from an advertising perspective.

Stan Richards is not just a figure who funded a leading program at UT, but rather he is wholeheartedly investing in future professionals that will take over the advertising industry. Richards emphasizes the importance of staying connected with students as he sees learning as an effective form of two-way of communication. Before departing back to Dallas for awaiting meetings, Richards imparted students by taking selfies, then joined in celebrating the Texas tradition of “Hook ‘Em Horns.” To receive some of Stan’s insight, check out Stan Talks YouTube channel.

Matthew Brunicardi