Alumni Spotlight

David Resnick

While maneuvering through college, many students contemplate what a successful start to their careers would look like. We got a chance to catch up with  David Resnick, who is doing it right. A Jr. Art Director at Saatchi and Saatchi and a May 2017 creative Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations graduate, Resnick shares below about the success he’s found:

1. How did your years at The Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations set you up for success post grad?

My time there was extremely valuable. Not only did I get a top-notch education from some of the best professors in the world, but (maybe more importantly) I met an incredibly diverse group of people that opened my eyes to so much more than I previously knew. Seeing and learning things from a new perspective, and being able to put myself in others' shoes was a turning point in my creative life.

2. What is agency life like? Your favorite characteristic?

Agency life is great. I think it all depends on the agency though. Since I have only been here at Saatchi, I can't speak for others. Throughout my life, I have experienced very few greater feelings than nailing a creative idea that I love as much as the client I'm working for does. It feels almost as if the stars have aligned and everything worked out to make sure that single idea makes perfect sense to everyone.

3. Tell us a little more about your role in the Toyota Super Bowl ad.

As far as the Super Bowl ad, the idea came out of my brain. Although my title is only Jr. Art Director, I was the acting Art Director, as we only had a Creative Director team (other than my partner and me). Of course without the help of my team, our producer, directors and all the post-houses, we wouldn't have been able to sculpt it into something this beautiful.

4. Do you have any advice for current students and recent grads?

For all the current students beating your heads against the wall trying to come up with that brilliant idea, the best advice I can give you is 'don't'. The more you think about the end result, the worse your process will be. Stop trying to create that perfect ad. Not every one of them will win you a Gold Lion, you only need a few killer ideas here and there to be successful. Remember, at the end of the day...we're just selling products, we're not saving lives.

Jochebed Fekadu