How a TikTok Led to an Ocean Spray Viral Moment

When Nathan Apodaca made a post on his TikTok on September 25th, he had no clue he was about to take over the world. He was just trying to get to work.

Apodaca was on his way to work in Idaho Falls when his car shut down on the highway. This was a common occurrence, according to his interview with TMZ. When he saw a TikTok user post a video skateboarding with cranberry juice, Apodaca decided to recreate it on his way to work with Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” 

Much of the initial buzz was on TikTok and Twitter, especially through tweets like this one which has garnered close to a million likes. Apodaca’s carefree lip-syncing to an iconic song, combined with his inexplicable love for cran-raspberry juice and his odd setting — skateboarding down the exit of a highway — certainly caught attention. The TikTok sits at over 48 million views and counting. During a global pandemic and an incredibly rocky election season, people were hungry for any positive distraction, and Apodaca was happy to oblige. 

He seems to be handling his fame well. He continues to post lip sync videos to his TikTok in the same casual, laid-back vibe. In the above interview, he states that he is incredibly grateful for the thousands of donations he’s received to upgrade his living situation - he’s currently living in an RV at his brother’s house. Apodaca’s also a natural at personal branding. He has his own merch line and said he was open to sponsorship deals or commercials.

Since the video dropped, people have been calling on both Fleetwood Mac and Ocean Spray to step up and show their support for Apodaca. On October 4th, Mick Fleetwood, drummer and co-founder of Fleetwood Mac, created his own TikTok account just to recreate Apodaca’s iconic video for himself. 

Two days later, Tom Hayes, CEO of Ocean Spray, created an account and also recreated the video. On the same day, Apodaca shared that Ocean Spray bought him a gift: a cranberry red truck of his own. Recently, TikTok used his video and its many remakes in a commercial promoting their role as the starting point for legendary moments like this one.

It’s rare nowadays to see a positive, organic brand storytelling moment and continued blessings for someone who achieved a viral moment during hard times. We at TXADPR are grateful for the good vibes from everyone involved! Do you think Ocean Spray deserves the praise? Are you also obsessed with Apodaca’s vibe? Let us know!

Alex Pinnell