How Brands are Getting Voters to the Polls

With each passing election year, brands and businesses are becoming more active in calling consumers to vote. From marketing branded “vote” merchandise to offering discounts to shoppers post-vote, more companies are getting more creative with how they inspire consumers to get to the polls. Here are a few of our favorite brands that are working to increase voter turnout this year! 


Voting is going to look a bit different this year at Juicelands throughout Texas. To ensure that their employees have time to get to the polls themselves, the juice chain will be closing its shops at 1:30 p.m. on Election Day. In a statement on Instagram, Juiceland announced their belief that “an employee’s civic contributions are just as important as their contribution in the workplace.” 

Juiceland is also hosting a giveaway for early voters. The brand encourages consumers to find a nearby polling location, preview their ballot and, most importantly, vote early. After that, tag your voting pal in the comments of Juiceland’s Instagram post and they will choose a duo to win a $50 gift card! You can also earn double-entry points if you tag #juiceland in a post-voting photo. 


This Election Day, you can count on Lyft to take you to the polls. During the 2016 presidential election, it’s estimated that 15 million eligible voters didn’t go to the polls because they didn’t have a way to get there. This year, Lyft is providing access to free and discounted rides on Nov. 3. 

Lyft is expanding their work with Black Women’s Roundtable to provide ride access to Black communities and communities of color in areas where reliable and affordable transportation may be limited. The rideshare company has also partnered with When We All Vote, a non-profit, nonpartisan organization committed to increasing voter turnout. Check out their website to make sure you’re registered, request a ballot or find a polling place near you.

If you’re planning on riding to a polling place or ballot dropbox on Nov. 3, use code 2020VOTE to take 50% off your Election Day Lyft.

Urban Outfitters 

In collaboration with I Am a Voter, Urban Outfitters Community Cares created its Ballot Box tee kit prompting consumers to get involved, stay aware and encourage others to vote, too! Urban Outfitters’ keepsake kit includes a tee printed with this year's election date and an oval spot to place the included "I Voted" woven sticker. Each purchase will directly impact organizations that encourage voter registration and voting efforts in communities. 

Urban Outfitter’s wants to make sure you have a voting plan in place. You can text VOTER to 26797 to get alerts for your elections and learn more at

We at TXADPR want to hear from you! Was there a specific brand that encouraged you to vote? Will you be buying any voting merchandise or participating in any brand giveaways for voters? Let us know! 

Morgan Dubose