Intern Spotlight

An Interview with Martha Gill

When you put in the work, opportunities come knocking at your door. M.A. student, Martha Gill, talks to us about her journey from critique week of the Texas Creative program to an internship at DDB Chicago, one of the highest-ranked advertising agencies in the world.

How did you find this internship opportunity?

A few people from DDB Chicago came to my final critique for Texas Creative. I guess they liked my work as they offered me a position post-critique. I was pretty exhausted, so I thought I was imagining things at first. I’m incredibly lucky.

What was your favorite part about the internship?

I loved having a variety of accounts to work on during my time there. It was nice to switch gears and try and help figure out what type of work I like to do and could imagine myself doing post-graduation.

What was your biggest takeaway from the internship?

DDB really changed the perspective I have on my last year of grad school. I realize now what a safe space Texas Creative is for trying out new ideas and failing bigger than ever. I’m excited to hit the ground running, pull way too many late nights, and hopefully end up with a badass book in the end.

What classes were the most helpful for you in this internship?

All of my classes have really helped me in different ways. A lot of advertising is being able to bring in a new perspective, so it’s important to try and be exposed to as many of those perspectives as you can right now. It’s pretty mind-boggling that right now our only job as students is to learn – that’s such a privileged position to be in.

Best DDB perks?

A Miller Lite tap in the kitchen.

What was your go-to spot in Chicago?

Thank you to I Luv Sushi for accepting me as a regular customer. I miss you, already.  

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Edna Diaz