Tinder U

A New Feature For Students

Tinder recently rolled out a new service named Tinder U, a version of the original app that is meant for college students with a .edu email and geolocation on campus. Focusing on campus culture is the new goal by fostering interconnectedness among students on campus.

Tinder U is a way to connect the Longhorn community and create new connections while bringing fun, edgy, bold, adventurous, positive, empowering, inclusive vibes to Austin. To hear more about Tinder U on our campus, we talked to Jordan Guillory, a senior marketing student and Tinder U campus ambassador who is leading the roll out efforts on campus. We also chatted with Lauren Probyn, Tinder’s Global Marketing and Events Director, from Tinder HQ.  

1. What is Tinder U’s goal at UT Austin?

JG: We want to help students at UT to meet each other where they may have not otherwise! Our campus is huge, so we want to get the Moody students connected with the McCombs students connected with the Cockrell students! The intersection of disciplines,interests and backgrounds is what makes college great. Tinder U helps stimulate these connections and the brand ambassadors are here to help plan events and answer any questions.

LP: The goal of Tinder U is to allow students to browse and swipe on fellow students at their University and other Universities nearby. College students (Longhorns) are very involved and passionate about sporting events, activities they’re involved in and classes that interest them, but that only introduces them to a select group of people. With Tinder U, students will be able to see other students in their area first while they're swiping, thus opening their social circle and becoming more ingrained in student life.

2. What can students get out of Tinder U?

JG: Students can enroll in Tinder U and get the chance to win exclusive merchandise and be invited to exclusive events. Plus, they’ll be able to get to know students on and around campus. The possibilities are endless.  

LP: "Tinder was born on a college campus and Tinder U is bringing us back to our roots. Even on the smallest college campuses, it is impossible to connect with everyone — so we wanted to bring a feature to students to allow them to meet other students they may not normally meet.

At UT Austin, we have a group of student brand marketing managers called Tinder Flames who host “Tinder U” events centered around fun, social settings. Students can participate in these different events which range from health & wellness to those centered around school spirit.

3. What events can we expect?

JG: We have events at Cain & Abels, Soul Cycle events, and so much more! More events are being brainstormed and in the works to keep our audience engaged, and each one is so much fun. Along with meeting new people on the app, it’s a nice way to meet them in real life through fun, social settings.

4. Where can we stay up to date with new events?

JG: Follow @tinder on IG, @jrozaay, and @bianca.manciu for updates, and use the #tinderU hashtag when posting about events around campus and Austin! We love to see what users are doing, and you could even get reposted.

Jochebed Fekadu