Stan Richards School Internship Requirement

Temporary Accommodations for Spring and Summer 2020

We understand that many students are concerned about completing the required, supervised internship for the SRS undergraduate program during this challenging time.  Please rest assured that we have accommodated all students whose internships were cancelled in spring 2020 due to COVID19 (and those students will fulfill the internship requirement).

Additionally, for students graduating in summer 2020, full course credit will be given for either (1) taking the internship course AND completing several additional assignments; or (2) taking the internship course AND obtaining a “work from home” internship.  To qualify for either of these accommodations, impacted students will need to provide Dr. Cunningham a list of at least 3 potential employers (with names and titles of persons) they contacted to seek an internship.  

Students who are planning to graduate in fall 2020, and need to take the Internship course this summer, should complete the online internship application, which Dr. Cunningham (Internship Program Director) will review and approve on an as needed basis.  Additional accommodations, such as those described above, may be made in the future due to continued impact from Covid19.  Students are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Cunningham for additional information. 

Dr. Cunningham's contact information can be found at

Dr. Isabella Cunningham