#AloneTogether: A Letter

Dear TXADPR Family, 

We hope you are safe and healthy. 

Around the world, many people are working to slow the spread of COVID-19 by adopting social distancing practices and changing their daily routines. These actions are helping to create safer environments for those who are sick and those providing support to the sick. To show our support for those individuals, TXADPR has teamed up with the AdCouncil to spread awareness regarding ViacomCBS’s newest campaign #AloneTogether. The purpose of this campaign is to remind everyone that, while we must practice social distancing in order to prevent the spread of the virus and keep our communities safe, we are making the choice to be alone together.

We’re sure you’ve heard the recommendation to “stay at home” many times since the outbreak started. Some people have taken those words to heart while others are still finding it hard to adjust. Please remember that the virus spreads rapidly and can cause life-threatening symptoms. Therefore, stay at home and only venture outside when absolutely necessary. 

To help spread the message, please feel free to share the graphics save lives, slow the spread, and stay home to your social media pages. Also, include the hashtag #AloneTogether. Word spreads fast when we encourage one another! 

As an individual, if you are feeling overwhelmed or lost on which steps to take next, please refer to the Coronavirus response page. They provide a wealth of information that is both practical and informative.

Help us spread the word and remember that while we all may be alone right now, we are #AloneTogether.

With Love, 


Jack Eltife