Student Spotlight: Second Year Moody Student Alyssa Torres

Meet second year Moody student, Alyssa Torres!

Alyssa is from The Woodlands, TX and is majoring in Public Relations and pursuing a minor in Business. Get to know Alyssa through our conversation below.

What made you decide to come to UT?

“The University of Texas had always been my dream school and Austin was the perfect mix of a diverse college town as well as a big city. Since the day I was born I was a Texas Longhorn, but thanks to my efforts I was able to make that a reality in 2019.”

What is your favorite part of being a Moody student?

“The courses I’m currently in are intriguing and make me thankful to have chosen this major, My professors are experts in their field and I know that all they want is for me to be successful, which I feel like I will achieve with their guidance and advice. Moody makes high school classes feel like boot camp... in the best way possible. I enjoy the creative freedom and believe that all of the classes I’ve taken thus far are extremely beneficial to my career.”

What current projects/internships are you doing right now? Or any past experiences you have had while being a Moody student. 

“In October of the fall semester this year I started my own coffee business out of my apartment called “Busy Bean.” All of my classes were online, so I took up one of my favorite hobbies - making coffee! I recently started an Internship in January at Wonderkind Co., which is a branding and design agency for food and beverage brands. I’m a social media intern and get to run a few instagram accounts–which entails posting, engaging, and community management for several brands. I also get to help with the design team and help with props and such for photoshoots.” 

How does your experience in classes/programs help you with outside projects/jobs/internships?

“As a Moody student, there will be career opportunities that are more accessible and attainable in comparison to those for students of other schools. We live in a competitive world, and the ability to leverage a world-class educational foundation has true value in the communications marketplace. I recently got my internship through networking with my fellow classmates, which I would have never gotten the opportunity to do unless I was here at UT.”

How will being a Moody student help to make you stand apart in future jobs? 

“The Moody College of Communication is one of the top ranked institutions globally, providing its students with not only a solid educational foundation, but also a prestigious pedigree. The communications field is competitive, and in most employment opportunities, Moody students rate stronger consideration than those from other schools.” 

Do you have any advice for future/current students? 

“Current and prospective Moody students have such a tremendous opportunity to learn at the highest academic level. The field of communications is continuously expanding its scope and will continue to be one of the most impactful influences on how our future is shaped. Being a Moody student places one in the center of the latest innovations and advancements, as well as providing the opportunity to work with many talented people.”

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Peyton Hammond