The Tech Trends of the Fall Season

As the fall season comes around, the weather isn’t the only thing experiencing changes - so are digital trends. Here are the major shifts in digital that are expected this autumn.

As kids go back to school for the new semester, many of them are not leaving their homes and are instead attending virtual classes. This has led to a huge uptick in tech sales, as parents are purchasing anything to ease the process of schooling virtually.

Going hand in hand with this is remote work. Many companies have seen no reason to go back to the old ways of in-person meetings and work days at the office, thus allowing many employees to optimize their home office space with new tech and device purchases.

In addition to the rapid increase in tech spending, video calls (hello, Zoom) will be settling in as a basic and relied-on form of communication for both social and professional means. While this is not exactly new, it is becoming more and more necessary as a basic and “normal” means of appointments, meetings, social happy hours and the like. 

Another trend that is not to be overlooked are the hardships that many are facing due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, meaning that there is a growing gap between those who can purchase new tech devices (consumers citing extra funds due to a decrease in discretionary spending) and those who cannot as easily splurge on a new device. This growing gap has caused a demand for low-cost, basic tech for home offices and home schooling. This need is expected to rise.

Overall, tech needs are ever changing, especially in current times. Understanding these trends are vital for advertisers, as so much more of an audience is online for much longer hours. As these changes have increased consumer’s reliance on technology, digital advertising will most likely grow to huge proportions compared to what it already has. While many traditional forms of advertising are struggling, such as out-of-home ads, digital advertising is expected to thrive with its increasingly present audience.

Paige Cabianca