UT Sights

This week, TXADPR spoke with Suket Shah, a sophomore computer science major at UT. Suket, like many students, was worried his time on campus would be cut short due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. As this fear became a reality, he decided to put his computer science skills to the test. 

Over the last month, Suket created UT sights, a Google Chrome Extension that cycles through an array of pictures depicting different places on campus, bringing the 40 Acres to your web browser. With over 30 unique pictures, you can explore a new site on campus every day. This extension also contains plenty of useful features such as a to-do list, weather app and a constant reminder that your main focus today is to "beat OU". So, check it out! 

Simply follow the link here, add the extension to your browser and enjoy the ambiance of the 40 Acres from the comfort of your computer. 


Jack Eltife