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Undergraduate Programs

Special Programs

Business Foundations Program

This program is designed to provide a foundation in business concepts and practice for students who plan to enter the workforce or a graduate degree program upon completion of their undergraduate degree.

Elements of Computing Program

This program is comprised of seven courses designed to offer students a background in the fundamentals of computing, as well as an introduction to the key application areas of modern computing.

Latino Media Studies Program

This concentration is designed to introduce students to US Latino and American media issues in communication and to provide them the opportunity to prepare for professional work related to these areas.

The Semester in Los Angeles Program

The UTLA program offers a unique opportunity for students in any major who are serious about exploring academic and professional interests in entertainment over the course of a semester in Los Angeles.

Currently enrolled in High School or at another institution

Visit UT Admissions to learn about admission into the University of Texas.

Currently enrolled at the University of Texas as another major

Students who want to change their major to Advertising must apply to become Advertising majors. Applications are accepted twice a year in the Fall and Spring. Please visit the College's Internal Transfer section.

You should visit with your academic advisor about specific questions related to your major courses or your area of interest in advertising as well as for the following:

We encourage you to visit with your advisor at least once per semester. By staying proactive, you can be sure to stay on track to graduate in four years, that you are taking the correct classes, and that you are kept abreast of any changes in your degree plan. Schedule an appointment online.

Communication Career Services - Communication Career Services (CCS) provides students with information on interviewing, resume writing, salary negotiations, and interview opportunities. They also provide an extensive database of internship and career opportunities.

Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium - The Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) cross-discipline consortium is a resource for mentorship, learning about graduate school or finding ways to connect your education with important social issues.

Moody Writing Support Program - This program offers free, one-on-one coaching, workshops and more for undergraduate students in all Moody majors. Students can make an appointment to brainstorm ideas, work out problems in a writing project or polish specific skills.

Student Advising Office - Contact the Student Advising Office to apply to the Pre-Public Relations program, the prerequisite to the public relations program, and for advising information and deadlines.