Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program


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Major in Advertising

Our Bachelor of Science in Advertising is an interdisciplinary degree program that prepares students for a wide variety of careers in Advertising, from the artistic and creative side of things, to the business of media planning in traditional and interactive realms.  

Major in Public Relations

Our Bachelor of Science in Public Relations is an interdisciplinary degree program grounded in critical thinking, strategic writing and business management, with a variety of topic areas that reflect the diversity and scope of today’s field. 

Degree Requirements

Undergraduate students must complete a specific combination of core curriculum, major coursework, Communication requirements, and electives to earn the degree.

Learn more about the Advertising and Public Relations requirements at the Moody College of Communication Student Advising Office.


Most students in the Moody College of Communication may declare a minor. Please see the Student Advising Office webpage on minors for information.

Special Programs

Students majoring in public relations may also complete Special Programs offered through the University and the Moody College of Communication. These programs may overlap, but are not interchangeable with a concentration. Below is a list of some of the programs that many public relations majors choose to complete. Visit the Moody College of Communication for more information on these and other Special Programs.

Special Programs

Business Foundations Program

This program is designed to provide a foundation in business concepts and practice for students who plan to enter the workforce or a graduate degree program upon completion of their undergraduate degree.

Elements of Computing Program

This program is comprised of seven courses designed to offer students a background in the fundamentals of computing, as well as an introduction to the key application areas of modern computing.

Latino Media Studies Program

This concentration is designed to introduce students to US Latino and American media issues in communication and to provide them the opportunity to prepare for professional work related to these areas.

The Semester in Los Angeles Program

The UTLA program offers a unique opportunity for students in any major who are serious about exploring academic and professional interests in entertainment over the course of a semester in Los Angeles.