Be Mine, Love Kentucky Fried

Brands often attempt to capitalize off of Valentine’s Day. Efforts to get the attention of consumers have ranged from being as stereotypical as jewelry store commercials running a lovers’ “special”, to more interesting, user-generated Instagram contests from brands such as Dunkin Donuts. This year, we at TXADPR noticed one of the more unique and clever efforts made by a brand known for its creativity, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). KFC presents their  fried chicken themed Valentine’s Day cards. KFC and Moonpig (a UK based, customizable online greeting card company) partnered up for the first time to create the new fried chicken themed Valentine’s cards. The companies provided many card options to choose from. For example, you can submit a photo of your loved one and have them depicted as “The Colonel”. Even more interesting is  the scratch-and-sniff card which, you guessed it, apparently smells like fried chicken. 

    When advertising, KFC has been known to push the boundaries of what is expected and sometimes even acceptable. Nonetheless, their creative campaigns tend to generate press that pushes through the clutter. It seems that this Valentine’s Day, they are looking to do the same.We at TXADPR want to know if you would send your Valentine a KFC-themed card? Let us know on social media through our TXADPR handles! 

Reece White
Master's Student