BodyArmor: The Sports Drink Underdog

We often hear about the underdog in the realm of sports, not so much in the realm of sports drinks. Perhaps this is because Gatorade has been, and continues to be, the leading sports drink. With 72% of the market share, the second being Powerade with 20%, there is no close competitor. However, the up-and-coming sports drink, BodyArmor, has their sight set on the throne and is making their march to take the crown. Could this be our sports drink underdog?

Founded in 2011 by beverage enthusiasts Mike Repole and Lance Collins, BodyArmor has been persistent in their goal to dethrone Gatorade. Although this has been their mindset from the beginning, their most recent campaign boldly proclaims these intentions, underlining their overarching plan to surpass Gatorade in five years. In a statement to CNBC, Repole remarked, “this is either going to go bankrupt in five years or going to be the number one sports drink by 2025." Their campaign consists of several commercials and endorsement deals with some of the most popular athletes to date, including James Hardin, Mike Trout, Megain Rapinoe, Dustin Johnson, Naomi Osaka, Carlos Vela and Skylar Diggins-Smith. 

Making matters more personal, BodyArmor recently posted a PSA denouncing Gatorade, suggesting the only reason people continue drinking it is that it's the only sports drink available, bringing them to their closing statement, “it’s never too late to change”. Gatorade has taken a less blatant approach. They released a 15-second montage suggesting the best athletes have been and always will be fueled by the best sports drink, Gatorade. Could this be throwing shade at BodyArmor's most recently signed athletes? Regardless, the back and forth banter is beginning to get heated. It will be interesting to see if Gatorade can maintain their title as the best sports drink, or if BodyArmor will step up to the plate. 

More importantly, we want to know what you think. Are you loyal to Gatorade, or looking to make the switch? Do you think BodyArmor's aggressive approach will prove victorious? Or will Gatorade continue to rule the throne? Let us at TXADPR know what you think!

Jack Eltife