"Tell Them Cactus Jack Sent You"


McDonald’s has made quite a splash in the advertising world after announcing their newest partnership with hip-hop artist and Grammy Award nominee, Travis Scott. The campaign, which premiered last week, introduced the “Travis Scott Meal,” their newest menu item consisting of Scott's favorite Mcdonald's items.

Throughout the campaign, there are a lot of references to “Cactus Jack,” most notably when Scott says “tell them Cactus Jack sent you.” For those unaware of who or what “Cactus Jack” is, it’s Scott’s nickname, which later became his record label

This type of partnership is nothing new to McDonald's, although it's been nearly three decades since they have incorporated a celebrity into their menu. The last time we saw a similar strategy was in the 1990s when they featured the “McJordan,” a sandwich named after... you guessed it: Michael Jordan. 

This recent collaboration, however, goes well beyond a new menu item. With the campaign, McDonald’s also deployed an entirely new merch drop featuring a wide variety of Travis Scott apparel and merchandise. They even went as far as to… wait for it… introduce a McNugget body pillow. Unfortunately, they are on backorder until further notice. Surely this is a good sign. 

With so much popularity surrounding both McDonald’s and Travis Scott, this appears to be the ultimate tag team, which brings us to our topic of discussion. We at TXADPR want to know what you think. Have you tried it? More importantly, what are your thoughts on these marketing maneuvers? Do you think the influence of Travis Scott will drive sales temporarily, or will this create longer-lasting customer relationships? Let us know.

It's lit!

Jack Eltife