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Here “creative” is a noun.

It refers to people who spend days, weeks, and even months in pursuit, and ultimately in the service, of a single powerful idea. They are the folks who puzzle the why of things and who challenge others to think differently, even if those people are absolutely convinced they have their minds made up. They are the challengers who make you care about a charity, or an app, or a pair of socks, not because that thing is special but because it allows you to be. They are naturally curious and find beauty, function, and stories in everything they touch. They are collectors of insights, askers of questions, and makers of jokes. They seek out the perfect shade of blue, the correct arch to the top of a lowercase “g”, and the most exacting phrase even though they never think they’ve quite found any of them. They don’t settle for good, clever, or serviceable but instead push for unique, revolutionary, and life-changing. They are the future copywriters, creative strategists, art directors and a billion other titles, but at their core they are creatives and here we train some of the world’s best.

There are plenty of places to build a portfolio, including your living room. However, to build one that stands the test of time through technological innovations, fads, and social media preferences it must both be rooted in a solid strategy and tell a story that people not only care about but are drawn toward.This is what we’ve excelled at for the past 40 years and why you’ll find Texas Creative alumni at the head of creative teams and agencies all around the world.

Who we are and how we work.

We are a sequence of classes housed within the Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations at the University of Texas at Austin currently available to both graduate and undergraduate Advertising and Public Relations majors only via a separate application process.

Those who are accepted begin a four class series of portfolio-building classes where they learn the art of the concept, focus on their creative process, and begin applying their skills towards creating the next great advertising campaigns. This sequence is supplemented by additional seminar classes that focus on growing skills necessary to support the student’s progress in the portfolio sequence as well as internships and exposure to real world clients with real world problems.

With alumni reaching back to 1979, we have a vast web of Texas Creatives all around the world who provide our students with insight, feedback, and sometimes that extra “in” to an otherwise closed off agency hiring process. We regularly receive visitors from top agencies in our classrooms who come to inspire and hire the next big brains of the industry. Recent visitors include Avenue A/Razorfish, BBH, Carmichael Lynch, Chiat/Day, Cramer Krasselt, CP+B, DDB, Fallon, Digitas, FCB, FKM, GSD&M, JWT, Leo Burnett, McGarrah Jessee, Preacher, Publicis, The Richards Group, TBD, t:m, and many more. Additionally, through our Creative in Residence program, our students are interacting with C-level creative executives in small classroom settings.

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