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Texas Media & Analytics - Students

What are the program requirements and details?

Texas Media & Analytics is open for application to all Stan Richards School advertising and public relations students. Interested students will apply during the semester they take ADV345J Media Foundations or later, and a “B” or better is required in that course.

The three courses of the program are typically completed within two semesters, and fill the space within a student’s degree plan as three of their four required in-major electives. Most students are able to complete the program within their required 120 total hours.

Students must be able to begin the first course of the Texas Media & Analytics program – Advanced Media Strategies – the long semester following their acceptance.

Current acceptance rates are around 40-50% of applicants.


Not only did Texas Media completely set my career trajectory back in the day, I have been a part of top recruiting teams for years now that have tapped into Texas Media talent. - Eric. E. AE Sports Sales Lead,   Turner Broadcasting Fall 2000 Texas Media C



Who will I be learning from?

Lisa Dobias

Lisa Dobias

Associate Professor of Practice
Texas Media & Analytics Founder and Director

Dr. Natalie Brown-Devlin

Dr. Natalie Brown-Devlin

Assistant Professor

Tracy Arrington

Tracy Arrington

Assistant Professor of Practice

What are the three courses in the program about?

ADV377 Advanced Media Strategies – Immerses students in media research, target insights, and strategy generation. Teaches students to successfully support and present their findings and ideas.

ADV377 Media Investments – Introduces students to bringing strategies to life in the market, including negotiation and relationship management.

ADV377 Digital Metrics – Teaches students to think critically, creatively and strategically toward digital problem-solving and measures for success.

I finally found my people and confirmed my passion  when I joined Texas Media and it forever changed me. - Sadaf H.  Client Solutions Manager, Facebook, Fall 2011 Texas Media Cohort


Texas Media & Analytics - Faculty

When and how do I apply?

Complete the online Texas Media & Analytics application on or before the deadline near the end of each long semester.

Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate strong curiosity and leadership, and demonstrate the ability to be comfortable being uncomfortable within a challenging learning environment.

Our program was founded with the idea that the students who make up the program are the program, so finding and fostering the best students is paramount to our collective success.

Want to know more?

Visit with your Moody College academic advisor for more specifics as to how Texas Media & Analytics might best fit into your degree plan.


Texas Media experiences helped create valuable long-term relationships, and launch my career in the growing space of tech communication. - Georgia D.  Strategy & Operations Principal, YouTube/Google    Spring 2010 Texas Media Cohort