Advertising Participant Pool: Information for Student Participants

If you have questions about when studies will be offered, etc. please contact the Pool Administrator or Assistant. Direct your inquiries about individual studies to the researchers, not the Pool Administrator or Assistant.

Rights and Responsibilities

If you agree to serve as a research participant, you should be aware of the following rights and responsibilities.

Obtaining Credits

Credits are gained by participation in research studies. The amount of course or extra credit, as well as the total number of research studies you can complete for credit, vary with classes, so inquire with your instructor and/or your course syllabus for details about requirements.


For studies completed in-person, you can ask the researcher for a receipt that confirms your participation in the study. For studies completed online, you should print out (or "print screen") the last page of the study that includes your personal information. Be sure to follow instructions on how to provide your participation information.

Instructors are given participant lists from all researchers periodically throughout the semester. Save your receipt, however, in case of an oversight in record keeping or reporting occurs.

Right to Withdraw Participation, Request Alternate Option

Participation in any research investigation is voluntary. When you arrive for participation in an offline study or log on to an online study, the researcher will provide you with a brief description of the project. At that time, or at any time during participation, you have the option of withdrawing without penalty. However, you should be aware that it is occasionally necessary to withhold some information about the purpose of the research until your participation is complete in order to maintain the integrity of the research.

You have the right to request from the lead researcher of any study that he/she provide you with an alternate activity that is equivalent in time and effort and can count as a substitute for participation in that study.

Missed Appointments and Penalties

You must show up on time and wait at least 5 minutes for the researcher. If you are more than 5 minutes late or fail to attend the scheduled study session, you will be penalized a research credit for missing the appointment. If you must cancel your appointment, then it is necessary for you to do so no later than 24 hours before the scheduled study time. It is your responsibility to notify the investigator of the cancellation via email. Make sure to keep the scheduled study date/time and the investigator's email address handy when you sign up in case you need to contact the investigator with questions or in the event of cancellation.

Double Sign-Ups and No Credits

You may receive one credit only for participation in one study. You must not sign up for the same study for two courses. If you sign for or complete a single study twice, you will not be given any credit. Your violation of the rule will be reported to your instructors.

Act Responsibly

Be conscientious in performing your tasks in each study. The research is important to the students and faculty conducting it and your role is critical to the success of their efforts.

Protection of Personal Information

Once you have signed up for a study, researchers will be able to view your name, email address, course for credit, and instructor's name. Researchers must treat all information as protected, confidential information.


If you have a complaint about a researcher's behavior, please contact the Participant Pool Administrator, Dr. Jeeyun Oh. Report the following information: experiment name, time and date of the appointment, researcher's name, and the nature of your complaint.