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The Research Participant Pool in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Texas at Austin provides experiential knowledge in research methods for students enrolled in advertising and public relations courses while supporting the research of our faculty and graduate students.

Access to the pool for research purposes is reserved for faculty and graduate students in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations. The Fall 2022 pool will be open from August 29th to December 2nd at 11:59 pm CST.


Faculty and graduate students who hope to use the pool to recruit study participants need to fill out the Participant Pool Application Form. If you have questions about the application procedure or your study posting, please contact the Pool Administrator or Assistant. The last day to request a new study to be posted to the pool will be Friday, November 18th at 11:59 pm.

Student Participants

Participation in the Pool for course credit is only open to students enrolled in Advertising and Public Relations courses. If you are not in participating classes in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, please do not sign up for the studies below.

If you are enrolled in participating classes (check your course syllabus or ask your professor if you are unsure), please read about each of the studies and click on the link as instructed to complete or sign up for a specific study. You can only receive credits from a study once. If you need more credits for a certain class or an additional class, you must take another, different study from the pool's list. Review your rights and responsibilities prior to sign-up or participation. If you have questions concerning any of the studies, please contact the investigator of the particular study.

Current Studies

The Research Participant Pool is now closed for the Spring 2023 semester. Credits will be transferred to their respective courses by no later than April 21st.

Verify Participation

The Excel sheet linked below offers students a way to verify that they participated in a research project.

*If you can not access the latest, updated sheet, please clear the cache/browsing history on your internet browser, close out of your internet application, and then try accessing this page again. You should not have to request permission to access the Excel sheet from the link below. Thank you.

Research Participation Verification Excel Sheet

It may take up to a week to see this document reflect your participation. You will use your confirmation number to verify participation. The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines do not allow for student names, EIDs, or other identifying information to be posted publicly in relation to research participation. Also, keep in mind that it is vitally important for you to keep your own records of research participation in case of human or computer errors in distributing credit information to course instructors. Your confirmation number is important for both of these reasons. (It may take 7 - 10 days for your number to appear in the Google doc above after having completed a study.)


Participant Pool Administrator
Dr. Jeeyun Oh
(Office) DMC 4.320
Participant Pool Assistant
Patrick Jamar

Important Information

  • Rights, Responsibilities for Student Participants
  • Researchers:
    • The pool is open to researchers in the Stan Richards School of Advertising & PR. 
    • To make a request, send (a) your IRB approval form, (b) a link to your online survey or sign-up protocol, and (c) the number of participants you wish. Due to the number of requests and limited number of participants, we restrict this to a maximum of N = 300 per approved study. (If your study requires more, please put in a special request with justification.)
    • Proofread and pre-test your online survey or sign-up protocol before sending requests to the participant pool.
    • Deadline for requests is three weeks prior to the last day of classes.