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The diverse field of media in three key pillars: Insights, Interactive, and Investments.

What is TexasMedia?

TexasMedia is the only academic program of its kind, educating Advertising and Public Relations students in the diverse field of media through three key pillars: Insights, Interactive, and Investments. Our students learn to talk and think about media not only as an academic subject or as a strategic business solution, but as an everyday part of their lives and the lives of the consumers with whom they wish to connect.


The TexasMedia sequence aims to provide students with both a breadth and depth of experiences that help them discover who they are and how they best think. The courses are filled with a wide variety of content, including exposure to collaborative and individual thinking, writing, and presenting allowing students to build their intuition and the fluidity of their problem solving all while endowing them with the skill-sets required to jump-start their careers.

Courses & Requirements

Once accepted to the TexasMedia sequence, students are required to complete three upper-division media courses. Each course is designed to give students a deep dive on one of the three pillars of media: Insights, Interactive, and Investments. Most students complete these courses in a total of two semesters, as ADV 377M Digital Metrics and ADV 377M Media Investments can be taken concurrently after the completion after ADV 377 Advanced Media Strategies.

All three of these courses qualify as required upper-division advertising electives within the Advertising and PR degrees, making completion of the sequence possible without adding to the standard Advertising or PR course load.

Insights - ADV 377 Advanced Media Strategies  

Students take a deep dive into media research and insight generation while keen strategy development skills and individual strengths are fine-tuned through real-world exercises. This course must be taken the first semester of admittance into the sequence.

Interactive - ADV 377M Digital Metrics

Students are taught to think strategically and creatively in the digital space through identifying problems/challenges, creating a solution, and establishing important measures for success. This course may be taken concurrently with ADV 377M Media Investments.

Investments - ADV 377M Media Investments

Students are introduced to the critical nature of strategy implementation through buying, negotiation, and relationship management skills. This course may be taken concurrently with ADV 377M Digital Metrics.


According to regular and direct feedback from industry and TexasMedia Exes, the breadth and depth of media experiences that we provide our undergraduate students makes a big impact in the marketplace.

Our graduates have more goodness to share in their interviewing process which means that they typically have more job offers from which to choose. In fact, the majority of our students secure jobs prior to their graduation, with most companies considering the experience our students get working in TexasMedia as one to two years of industry experience when evaluating them for employment.

Our graduates are cross-platform thinkers and doers who can perform in many different environments, both established and new. They are often the ones asked to take on new projects and to be placed in the space that is between off-line and on-line media because we teach them how to solve problems regardless of media delivery.

Our graduates are already familiar with the industry, tools of the trade, and know what they are getting into before they get into it. They have identified media as their forte prior to starting their career which means they are much more likely to stay in the field longer, making their on-the-job learning curve is much shorter, allowing them to make significant contributions to the team more quickly and move up in responsibility at a much-accelerated pace.

Our graduates bring along with them ties to the Texas Media network. Because they know of the great talent coming from the program, many Exes will use their connection to TexasMedia in the future to hire from the new TexasMedia graduation pool. This has proven true repeatedly for two decades.

They make a great reputation for themselves quickly once put to the test of internships and jobs. This reputation will continue to grow along with our Exes. While in the program, we provide them with a dedicated media teaching staff, two research labs and a dozen course offerings. Once they complete the program, they make the difference.